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ADI partners with customers to Instrument the Future. Leveraging industry-leading capabilities, we enable technological advances, further scientific discovery, and improve quality of life. ADI delivers complete solutions from antenna-to-bits and measurement-to-information.

Analog Devices LIDAR Solutions

High performance signal processing is the core of Analog Devices. We are endlessly challenging ourselves to develop innovative designs to reduce your time to market and help your systems perform at the leading edge. Our advanced portfolio of LIDAR Technology products enables the highest performance LIDAR systems.

LIDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is a depth perception method which transmits a light source to do either ranging or create multidimensional depth maps of the scene of interest.

ADI’s signal processing solutions directly enhance the capabilities of LIDAR systems. ADI’s product portfolio offers low noise Transimpedance Amplifiers, DACs and Comparators, high speed multi-channel ADC’s in the GS/s, and a host of power products for sensitive power management architectures.

Advantages of ADI LIDAR Components

• Wide dynamic range
• High bandwidth
• Lowest overall power consumption
• High SNR
• Lowest power consumption per channel


Analog Devices' LIDAR FPGA Development Platform

Analog Devices presents its modular FPGA Development Platform for automotive and industrial LIDAR applications. Hardware and software features of the platform will be explored as well as the value that this brings to our customers.

AD-FMCLIDAR1-EBZ Development Platform

The AD-FMCLIDAR1-EBZ is a proven modular hardware platform for 1D non-Scanning LIDAR development. It allows the flexibility to meet individual design needs, reduce time to market, and reduces the complexities of LIDAR development. It includes open source software framework integratable in customer designs and wrappers for MATLAB, Python, Dronecode, Baidu Apollo, RobotOS.



Complete Modular LIDAR Prototyping Platform enables fast time to Market

ADI's modular LIDAR platform allows flexibility to meet all of your depth sensing needs for both hardware and software. This complete and adaptable platform can be used in multiple settings including environmental, aerospace and defense, security and industry 4.0.

Delivering value in key application areas

Automotive Application


Automotive safety and driver assistance can be greatly enhanced by LIDAR. Applications include collision avoidance, blind side detection, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, dynamic suspension control, and parking assist.

Learn about how LIDAR is a key pillar in autonomous driving solutions.

ADEF Application

Aerospace & Defense

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV or drones) can use LIDAR for altimetry, dynamic flight control, object detection and tracking, and collision avoidance.

Security & Surveillance Application

Security & Surveillance

In the transportation and security industries, object detection and tracking, and people counting are critical for safety and efficient workflow. LIDAR provides the technology necessary to fulfill these applications in a cost-effective manner, providing more surveillance at a lower cost, and with less human intervention.

Industry 4.0 Application

Industry 4.0

Factory and warehouse floors can be dangerous places. With many moving parts such as robotic arms and Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGVs) (bots or mobile robots), LIDAR can measure the distance from system to the object of interest, rerouting to avoid collisions and even shutting down if a safety hazard is detected. In autonomous applications such as forklifts, LIDAR solutions could be used as safety curtains. In Smart IoT, LIDAR can be used for cargo fill estimation in long haul trucking and delivery vehicles.

See how LIDAR is playing an important role in Functional safety.

Highlighted Components



8-Bit, 1 GSPS, JESD204B, Quad Analog-to-Digital Converter

Key Applications: High frequency input signal sampling



N-Channel MOSFET Gate Driver

Key Applications: Laser Diode Driver



Four-Channel Multiplexed Transimpedance Amplifier with Output Multiplexing

Key Applications: Interface for APD

LIDAR Components


Signal Chains


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The Evolution of the JESD204 Standard

JESD204 Serial Interface

The JESD204 and the JESD204B revision data converter serial interface standard was created through the JEDEC committee to standardize and reduce the number of data inputs/outputs between high-speed data converters and other devices, such as FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays).

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JESD204 Serial Interface

Analog Devices' JESD204 Software Framework

Analog Devices JESD204 Interface Framework is a system-level software and HDL package targeted at simplifying system development by providing a performance optimized IP framework that integrates complex hardware such as high-speed converters, transceivers, and clocks with various FPGA platforms.

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JESD204 Software Framework