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Wearable Health Monitor Solutions

Analog Devices’ optical, impedance, bio-potential, and motion sensor technologies and signal conditioning expertise empower you to design the most innovative wearable health monitoring devices, such as fitness bands, sports watches, and pedometer chest patches. We provide the quick evaluation of the hardware and embedded firmware for blood oxygenation (SpO2), heart rate (HR), respiration rate (RR), impedance cardiography (ICG), body impedance analysis (BIA), and skin/ambient temperatures for wearable health monitors. They shorten the development time through an open-source design. It includes clinical grade-sensing fidelity and provides access to raw, pre-processed data and processed data that could enable medical researchers to build a model or insight around a disease state, as well as non-invasively measures every human body vital sign available on the chest. These full solutions are made up of several cutting-edge sensors including power management devices, temperature sensors, analog front end (AFE), and new MCU with algorithms.


Value and Benefits

Our optical, impedance, bio-potential, and temperature technologies offer the highest sensitivity to accurately extract the weakest signals. Low power consumption in our sensing and motion sensor technologies and power management solutions allow you to maximize the battery life of wearables and integrate fuel gauging, power sequencing, and haptics to ease system design. Our open-source reference designs for wrist-worn and chest-based wearable systems accelerate customer development cycles.

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Accurately extracts weak signals

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Maximizes battery life

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Eases system design with seamless integration

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