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  • MAXREFDES105# ($283.55) EV Kit
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The MAXREFDES105# is a wrist-worn wearable form factor that demonstrates the high sensitivity and algorithm processing functions for health-sensing applications. This health sensor band platform includes an enclosure and a biometric sensor hub with an embedded algorithm for heart rate and SpO2 (MAX32664C) which processes photoplethysmography (PPG) signals from the analog-front-end (AFE) sensor (MAX86174A). Algorithm output and raw data can be streamed through Bluetooth® to an Android® app or PC graphical user interface (GUI) for demonstration, evaluation, and customized development.

Features & Benefits


  • PPG
  • Wrist-based embedded heart rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) algorithm
  • HRV, respiration rate, sleep quality library algorithm
  • Wearable health band form factor
  • MAX32664 sensor hub
  • MAX86174A PPG analog front-end
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Windows® and Android GUIs


  • Remote Patient Monitoring/Vital Sign Patch

Details Section

The MAXREFDES105# enables quick evaluation of hardware and embedded firmware for heart rate and SpO2 monitoring on a wrist-based platform which significantly shortens development time for custom fitness, health, and clinical applications. Figure 3 shows the system diagram of MAXREFDES105#.

The MAXREFDES105# platform includes the following key components:

  • Micro board, which includes the MAX32630 microcontroller, MAX20303 power-management integrated circuit (PMIC), dual-mode Bluetooth, and 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope.
  • Sensor board, which includes the MAX86174A AFE, optical heart-rate sensor with one green light-emitting diode (LED), one red LED, one infrared (IR) LED, two photodiodes, and MAX32664C biometric sensor hub with an embedded algorithm for heart rate and SpO2 monitoring.
  • MAXDAP-TYPE-C board for use during a firmware upgrade for the micro board.
  • Health sensor band enclosure and straps.
  • Hardware design files, firmware, and software.
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