Processors and Microcontrollers

Our Processors and Microcontrollers support a myriad of general-purpose and application-specific needs.

The Processors include audio processors/SoCs, embedded processors, and digital signal processors featuring our floating-point (SHARC+, SHARC, and TigerSHARC) and fixed-point (Blackfin, SigmaDSP, and ADSP-21xx) DSP cores with a variety of peripheral mixes. The SoCs integrate an Arm® core to support complex peripherals like Ethernet and USB.

The Microcontrollers include mixed-signal control processors and analog microcontrollers built around 32-bit Arm and 8-bit 8052 core technologies. The broad portfolio includes on-chip options such as A/D and D/A conversion, flash memory, power management, and digital accelerators/filters to satisfy system requirements and simplify designs.