Features and Benefits

  • Onboard LED for quick and easy bring up
  • Breakaway Prototyping Board for customized application needs 
  • 8-Channels of LEDs and photodiodes connections
  • Standard 0.1 inch headers 

Product Details

EVAL-ADPD4100-ARDZ and EVAL-ADPD4101-ARDZ are simple, Arduino form-factor breakout board for developing ADPD4100 and ADPD4101 applications, respectively. The ADPD4101, interfaced through I2C, and the ADPD4100, interfaced through SPI, are highly versatile, multimodal sensor front ends, stimulating up to eight light emitting diodes (LEDs) and measuring the return signal on up to eight separate current inputs. 

There are a number of other evaluation platforms for these devices, including the EVAL-ADPD4100Z-PPG, optimized for photoplethysmograph applications, and the reference design CN0503, optimized for optical liquid analysis applications (colorimetry, turbidity, fluorescence). The EVAL-ADPD410X-ARDZ boards come in handy for adapting these evaluation boards to meet specific application requirements, as well as for "ground up" development of new applications.

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