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Respiration Rate Measurement Solutions

Analog Devices offers a variety of signal chain components and integrated solutions to convert thoracic impedance changes into respiration rate measurements. Select solutions allow flexible chest electrode arrangements to optimize respiration rate measurements dependent on patient position and other system considerations. Other solutions include 4-wire capability and postprocessing, and meter-on-chip capability that can help measurement resolution and robustness during patient movement. Our low-noise, high-frequency impedance-to-digital converters enable accurate identification of small thoracic impedance changes and simplification of respiration rate measurements.


Value and Benefits

Our wide range of integrated analog front ends (AFE) and power solutions help our customers design the next generation of wearable respiration equipment. Our high-performance microprocessors and solutions for motion control and consumable authentication RF interfaces enhance real-time connectivity and allow safety features to be built into wearables.

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Optimizes measurements based on system considerations

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Enhances real-time connectivity

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Allows for built-in safety features

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