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Digital X-Ray Solutions

The digital x-ray system is an indispensable tool in modern screening and diagnostic imaging. It is widely used in mammography, fluoroscopy, dental, and general radiography, such as chest x-rays and more, improving patient outcomes.

In a digital x-ray system, as the radiation emitted by the x-ray tube passes through a patient’s body, it is captured by the flat panel detector and digitized to create the image for subsequent analysis and diagnosis by the radiologist.

Analog Devices’ chip-on-flex read-out ICs digitize the electrical charge captured on the panel, enabling the creation of the image through further processing.


Value and Benefits

We offer an extensive selection of components and solutions for both static and dynamic flat panel detectors, from analog front ends, power management, clocking, and monitoring to the data interface and more. Our low-noise, low-power, high-speed, highly integrated, and multi-generational chip-on-flex read-out IC (ROIC) solutions enable high image quality while minimizing patient exposure to radiation across a wide array of applications (mammography, fluoroscopy, dental, etc.). Our extensive domain expertise and product support also facilitates accelerated time to market.

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Ensures high image quality

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Minimizes patient exposure to radiation

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Accelerates time to market

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