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Building Technology Power Solutions

Low energy consumption and sustainability are key goals for any intelligent buildings, and thus building technology power solutions that can help meet these targets are paramount.
Analog Devices delivers a wide ranging, industry-leading portfolio of building technology power solutions like Power over Ethernet (PoE), which enables devices such as lighting, thermostats, or window blinds to be connected throughout a building for a more controllable experience at a local level.

Our power management portfolio provides a wide range of solutions in the linear and switching domains to enable solutions to specific applications and power needs across the entire intelligent buildings segment. The best-in-class solutions feature the lowest EMI, lowest noise, highest efficiency, highest power density, and smallest size.


Value and Benefits

Advanced power management and power delivery solutions contribute to energy savings while reducing board space. Technology advancements in switching regulators reduce emissions, simplifying power supply design.

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Enable energy savings

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Reduce emissions

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Simplify power supply design

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