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Editors' Notes

About Analog Dialogue—A message from the Editor

Editors' Notes—Volume 42, Number 4, 2008

Editors' Notes—Volume 42, Number 3, 2008

Editors' Notes—Volume 42, Number 2, 2008

Editors' Notes—Volume 42, Number 1, 2008

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Editors' Notes—Volume 40, Number 3, 2006

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Editors' Notes—Volume 39, Number 4, 2005

Editors' Notes—Volume 39, Number 3, 2005

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Editors' Notes—Volume 38, Number 4, 2004

Editors' Notes—Volume 38, Number 3, 2004

Editors' Notes—Volume 38, Number 2, 2004

Editors' Notes—Volume 38, Number 1, 2004


About Analog Dialogue—A message from the Editor

We hope that you enjoy the look and feel of Analog Dialogue on line. Our goal is to bring you more frequent feature articles, more timely product information, and more links into the Analog Devices Web site—plus quick downloads and an easy-to-navigate user interface. Please send us feedback to let us know what we did right, and what could use improvement. 

As Analog Devices begins its 41st consecutive year of publishing Analog Dialogue (and the ninth year to be available both on-line and in hard copy) we express our grateful appreciation to faithful readers and offer a hearty welcome to new readers. 

Dan Sheingold Photo
Dan Sheingold, Editor



Analog Dialogue, the technical magazine of Analog Devices, has been published at least once each year since 1967. Every issue ever printed has now been archived in PDF on the Web. Starting in January, 1999 the Dialogue has been published monthly or bi-monthly on the Web, accompanied by now-quarterly review issues in hard copy.

If your acquaintance with Analog Devices is just beginning, Welcome!

This latest issue—and other recent issues of Analog Dialogue—may well serve as a gateway to our company's technology. If you're an old friend, each issue (and Web locations that it links to) will be the best way to find out what's new and significant in Analog Devices technology.

WHAT? Our technical content includes:

Thoughtful articles featuring tutorials, technology, applications, and other information about significant products for analog, digital, and mixed-signal processing.

New-Product Briefs on recently released products available from stock, hyperlinked to data sheets and other information.

Pre-Release Products Links to preliminary data sheets for front-line products, "tomorrow's winners," on the way to being fully released.

A Potpourri section with links to all sorts of "good stuff", mostly on the ADI Web site. Links include Technical Support, recently revised Data Sheets, recent ADI Patents, recent articles in the trade press by ADI authors, etc.

Editorial notes will keep you informed as to what we're up to.

You can help by telling us what technical information you need relating to solutions for real-world signal processing (Analog Devices's charter) and how successful the Dialogue is at providing it or guiding you to it.

WHY? Its purpose is to provide you with timely and useful information on Analog Devices products, technology, and applications. And to give you frequent opportunities to maintain a true Dialogue through use of feedback. Just use the "Write to the Editor" or "Feedback" buttons.

WHO? Feature articles are written by Design, Applications, and Marketing Engineers at Analog Devices (and by engineers on our editorial staff). The undersigned has served as your Editor since Volume 3, in 1969. The comments of you, our readers, have always helped-and will now help even more-to improve the Dialogue.

WHERE? You can reach Analog Dialogue by bookmarking the Analog Dialogue home page or linking directly from Technical Library on the Analog Devices home page.

HAVE WE ABANDONED PRINT? NO, of course not! We publish quarterly hard-copy collections of articles that have appeared on the Web. But the difference is that this Web version also gives you current information—with links to much more—in timely fashion. And you can print out exactly the hard copy you need right now; articles are available in both PDF and HTML.

E-MAIL ALERT & MAILING LIST: Click here if you'd like us to alert you by e-mail when a new issue is posted, and/or you'd like to be on our mailing list to receive future print editions when they are published.

Dan Sheingold


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