Use Analog I/O Ports as Infinite Sample/Holds and Peak Followers

The challenges in acquiring signals rapidly and accurately with high-speed sample-and-hold amplifiers are well known and documented. However, less well-known is the problem at the other end of the spectrum: finding a sample-and-hold that will retain the held signal for a significantly long time without losing accuracy due to droop. Read full article



Mike Curtin


Albert O'Grady

Albert O’Grady is system applications manager with the Automation & Energy (AEG) group of Analog Devices. Albert is based in Limerick, Ireland and his focus is primarily on developing system-level solutions for industrial automation and process control. Prior to his current role, Albert was a product applications engineer supporting precision data converters. Albert holds a diploma in industrial electronics and a BSC in electronic engineering both from the University of Limerick.