Monolithic Sample-Hold Amplifiers

2 New Devices Achieve 12-Bit Performance, Low Cost of AD582KH May End "Do-It-Yourself" Lashups

The AD582 and AD583 are two new monolithic integrated-circuit sample-hold amplifiers. Both are self-contained, except for the externally-connected hold capacitor, CH, which is chosen by the user for the best compromise between speed of acquisition-and-tracking, and error magnitudes in holdRead full article



David Kress

David Kress earned both his BSCE and MSCE for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. David was first a designer of medical electronic equipment before joining Analog Devices in 1972 as an IC designer. Over the years, he has been involved in analog chip design, wafer fabrication engineering, and new product development and management. For many years David led ADI's technical support team, and he was the Director of Technical Marketing before he retired 2018.


Dick Wagner