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Mixed Signal and DSP Design Techniques

cover imageMixed-Signal and DSP Design Techniques, edited by Walt Kester, Newnes, 2003, covers sampled data systems, choosing A/D and D/A converters for DSP applications, fast Fourier transforms, digital filters, selecting DSP hardware, interfacing to DSP chips, and hardware design techniques. This book explains signal processing hardware--how it works, how to interface to it, and how to design and debug it. Master the art and science of mixed-signal and DSP design with this informative and practical guide.

Mixed-Signal and DSP Design Techniques can be purchased from your favorite bookseller. Individual chapters of the original seminar notes can be downloaded by selecting the appropriate link below.

(pdf, 88,366 bytes)
Section 1: Introduction
(pdf, 138,158 bytes)
Section 2: Sampled Data Systems
(pdf, 428,713 bytes)
Section 3: ADCs For DSP Applications
(pdf, 280,681 bytes)
Section 4: DACs For DSP Applications
(pdf, 196,869 bytes)
Section 5: Fast Fourier Transforms
(pdf, 317,056 bytes)
Section 6: Digital Filters
(pdf, 346,661 bytes)
Section 7: DSP Hardware
(pdf, 1,022,523 bytes)
Section 8: Interfacing To DSPs
(pdf, 241,189 bytes)
Section 9: DSP Applications
(pdf, 431,254 bytes)
Section 10: Hardware Design
(pdf, 500,111 bytes)
(pdf, 148,140 bytes)

Mixed Signal and DSP Design Techniques -- zip file of entire book (3.76 MB)

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