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Op Amp Applications Handbook

Op Amp Applications Handbook, edited by Walt Jung (Newnes, 2006), comprises Op Amp Basics, Specialty Amplifiers, Using Op Amps with Data Converters, Sensor Signal Conditioning, Analog Filters, Signal Amplifiers, Hardware and Housekeeping Techniques, and Op Amp History. As the name implies, it covers the application of op amps, but does so on a broader scope. It also covers a host of closely related design topics, making it a formidable toolkit for the analog designer.

Op Amp Applications Handbook can be purchased from your favorite bookseller.

Op Amp Applications Handbook - First Printing Errata (pdf, 171 KB bytes)


Individual chapters--or a zip file containing all chapters--of the original Op Amp Applications seminar notes can be downloaded by selecting the appropriate links below.

(pdf, 115 KB)

Section H: Op Amp History
(pdf, 3608 KB)

Section 1: Op Amp Basics
(pdf, 1681 KB)

Section 2: Specialty Amplifiers
(pdf, 671 KB)

Section 3: Using Op Amps with Data Converters
(pdf, 571 KB)

Section 4: Sensor Signal Conditioning
(pdf, 756 KB)

Sections 5-1 to 5-4: Analog Filters
(pdf, 3004 KB)

Sections 5-5 to 5-8: Analog Filters
(pdf, 1535 KB)

Section 6: Signal Amplifiers
(pdf, 3976 KB)

Section 7: Hardware and Housekeeping Techniques
(pdf, 2776 KB)

(pdf, 294 KB)

Op Amp Applications - zip file of entire book
(17 MB bytes)

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