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Volume 49 February 2015

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Feature Articles: Products, Applications, Technology, and Techniques

Design a PLL Loop Filter When Only the Zero Resistor and Capacitor are Adjustable

A standard procedure uses open-loop bandwidth and phase margin to determine the component values for a  PLL loop filter, solving for the pole capacitor and deriving the remaining values. In some cases this capacitor may be integrated, so the standard procedure can't be used. This article proposes an alternative procedure that can be used when the value of the pole capacitor is fixed.

Power Management for Integrated RF ICs

As more building blocks are added to a radio-frequency integrated circuit, more sources of noise coupling arise, making power management increasingly important. This article describes how power-supply noise can affect the performance of RFICs. The ADRF6820 quadrature demodulator with integrated phase-locked loop and voltage-controlled oscillator is used as an example, but the results are broadly applicable to other high-performance RFICs.

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Feature Articles: Design Ideas, Tutorials, Measurement Techniques

Quickly Implement JESD204B on a
Xilinx FPGA

The JESD204 high-speed serial interface connects data converters to logic devices. As the speed and resolution of converters continues to increase, this interface has become common in ADCs, DACs, and RF transceivers. Serializer/deserializer designs in FPGAs implement the physical layer. This article describes how to quickly set up a project using a Xilinx FPGA to implement the JESD204B interface.

Design Reliable Digital Interfaces for Successive-Approximation ADCs

SAR ADCs provide up to 18-bit resolution at up to 5 MSPS. A host processor can access the ADC via a variety of serial and parallel interfaces such as SPI, I2C, and LVDS. This article discusses design techniques for reliable, integrated digital interfaces, including the digital power-supply level and sequence, I/O state during turn on, interface timing, signal quality, and errors caused by digital activity.

...Recent Feature Articles: Design Ideas, Tutorials, and Measurement Techniques



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