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Volume 48 — September 2014

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Ask the Applications Engineer—41
LDO Operational Corners: Load and Headroom

Low-dropout linear regulators are frequently used to clean up noisy supply rails, but they also present tradeoffs, dissipating power and heat. To optimize system performance, LDOs are often operated with  low-headroom voltage or with loads that can be switched off to minimize power consumption. This two-part article discusses power-supply rejection, noise, and stability at these operational extremes.

Accurate Analog Controller Optimizes High-Efficiency Li-Ion Battery Manufacturing

Energy conservation, environmental protection, and the introduction of affordable hybrid and electric vehicles has increased our awareness of battery technologies. Batteries used for vehicles or energy storage have high capacity, typically hundreds of amp-hours. These applications use a large quantity of rechargeable batteries, with high-power Li-Ion cells representing the best solution at this time.

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Feature Articles: Design Ideas, Tutorials, Measurement Techniques

Configure Controller Area Network (CAN) Bit Timing to Optimize Performance

Controller area network offers robust communication between multiple network locations at a variety of data rates and distances. Featuring data link layer arbitration, synchronization, and error handling, CAN is used in industrial, instrumentation, and automotive applications. This article describes how to optimize settings for controller architecture, clocks, transceivers, and logic interface isolation.

Understanding Switching Regulator Output Artifacts Expedites Power Supply Design

Minimizing output ripple and transients from a switching regulator can be important, especially when powering noise-sensitive devices such as high-resolution ADCs, where the output ripple can appear as a distinct spur on the ADC’s output spectrum. This article describes effective techniques for measuring output ripple and switching transients in switching regulators.

...Recent Feature Articles: Design Ideas, Tutorials, and Measurement Techniques



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