The Best of Analog Dialogue

Table of Contents

Issue Item Author(s) Pages
"A journal for the exchange of operational amplifier technology"
1-1 Operational integrators Ray Stata 3-8
1-3 User's guide to applying and measuring op amp specifications Ray Stata 9-16
"A journal for the exchange of analog technology"
3-1 Noise and operational amplifier circuits L. Smith, D. Sheingold 19-31
4-1 Settling time of operational amplifiers R. Demrow 32-42
"A forum for the exchange of circuit technology: Analog and Digital, Monolithic and Discrete"
5-1 New approaches to data-acquisition system design T. O. Anderson 45-47
5-2 Op amps as electrometers or-the world of fA   48-49
5-3 Good circuit practice gets best results from isolation amplifiers   50
5-4 Understanding sample-hold modules A. Sanchez 51-54
6-2 Versatile new module: Y(Z/X)m: at low cost (433) F. Pouliot, L. Counts 55-58
6-2 RTI vs. RTO - How to compute the drift of instrumentation amplifiers   59
6-3 Root sum-of-squares, trigonometric approximations D. Sheingold 60-62
8-1 A 10-bit monolithic CMOS D/A converter (AD7520) J. Cecil, G. Whitmore 63-65
8-1 High-speed op amps revisited-What "high speed" means to the user J. Fishman 66-68
8-2 Keys to longer life for CMOS-protection against abuse G. Whitmore 69
9-1 Monolithic IC voltage regulator (AD580) P. Brokaw 71-72
10-2 Versatile monolithic V/f or I/f converter (AD537) D. Kress, B. Gilbert 73-75
11-1 Accurate, low-cost, easy-to-use IC multiplier (AD534) B. Gilbert 76-79
11-2 Monolithic IC rms-to-dc converter (AD536) L. Counts, B. Gilbert, D. Kress 80-81
11-2 Analog signal-handling for high speed and accuracy P. Brokaw 82-88
12-1 1-µA/K IC temperature-to-current transducer (AD590) M. Timko, G. Suttler89-91
12-1 Application ideas for multiplying DACs J. Newell 92-93
12-2 Circuit ideas for IC converters W. Jung, J. Riskin, L. Counts 94-96
12-3 Complete 12-bit 2-chip IC A/D converter M. Timko, P. Holloway 97-100
"A forum for the exchange of circuits & systems for measurement & control"
13-1 MACSYM-Complete Measurement And Control SYsteM I. Wold, F. Pouliot 103-104
13-2 Very high speed data acquisition (High-resolution video converters) E. Graves 105-109
14-1 The new generation of 3-port isolation amplifiers (289) F. Goodenough 110-111
14-1 8-bit low-cost ÁP-compatible complete IC DAC (AD558)   112
"A forum for the exchange of circuits & systems for measurement, control, & test"
14-3 Computerized test system for linear devices F. Pouliot, A. Ryan 115
15-2 Behind the switch symbol-using CMOS switches effectively G. Whitmore 116-117
16-1 Testing A/D converters automatically with the LTS-2010 T. Wilhelm 118-119
16-3 Understanding interference-type noise without black magic A. Rich 120-123
17-1 Shielding and guarding-how to exclude interference-type noise A. Rich 124-129
17-1 Level-independent automatic gain control with the LOGDAC™ J. Wynne 130-131
17-1 Industry's first quad 12-bit DAC in a 28-pin DIP   132
"A forum for the exchange of circuits, systems, and software for real-world signal processing"
17-2 Digital FIR filters without tears B. Windsor, P. Toldalagi 135-142
17-2 Avoiding passive-component pitfalls D. Grant, S. Wurcer 143-148
17-3 Ground rules for high-speed circuits D. Brockman, A. Williams 149-150
18-1 DC amplifier noise revisited A. Ryan, T. Scranton 151-159
18-1 Fast, simple approximation of functions-using Newton-Raphson M. Johnson 160-163
19-1 A complete monolithic Y(Z/X)m and log function chip (AD538) L. Counts, C. Kitchin, S. Sherman 164-167
20-1 IEEE-754 chips: fast floating-point multiplier, ALU (ADSP-3210, 3220) B. Windsor, D. Fair 168-170
20-2 Fast, flexible CMOS single-chip ÁP for DSP (ADSP-2100) M. Nell, B. Fine 171-174
22-1 Monolithic digitally programmable delay generator (AD9500) J. Barrow 175-176
22-2 Complementary bipolar op amps: superb dc precision & fast settling   177-180
23-1 Sensor-to-serial communications with a screwdriver (6B Series) N. Bernstein 181-184
23-1 Ask the Applications Engineer-2: Trimming J. Bryant 185-186
23-2 Ask the Applications Engineer-3: V/F Converters J. Bryant 187-188
23-3 Monolithic dc-to-120-MHz log-amp chip is stable & accurate (AD640) B. Gilbert, B. Clarke 189-192
23-3 Grounding for low- and high-frequency circuits P. Brokaw, J. Barrow 193-195
24-1 Fastest 10-bit ADCs-superior dynamic performance (AD9020/9060) C. Lane, D. Duff 196-198
24-1 Application decides optimal processor architecture B. Fine, D. Fair 199-201
24-2, 3 Ask the Applications Engineer-7 & 8: Noise topics J. Bryant, L. Counts 202-205
24-3 Electronic adjustment made easy with the TRIMDAC™ W. Heinzer, J. Buxton 206-208
24-3 RAM-DAC upgrade enhances VGA graphics (CEG/DAC) B. Schweber 209-212