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Volume 39, Number 2, April - June, 2005

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Which ADC Architecture Is Right For Your Application?

Selecting the proper ADC for a particular application can be a formidable task, considering the thousands of available converters. An understanding of three popular architectures—successive-approximation, sigma-delta, and pipelined—and their relationship to the data acquisition, precision measurement, audio, and high speed markets is a useful supplement to selection guides and search engines.

Pushing the State of the Art with Multichannel A/D Converters

The most demanding data-acquisition requirements surpass the performance levels provided by commercially available integrated-circuit ADCs. Innovative solutions that fulfill high-end data-acquisition system needs while awaiting the next performance breakthrough use signal averaging, for increased resolution without loss of speed—and time interleaving, to increase sampling rates without loss of resolution.

Transformer-Coupled Front-End for Wideband A/D Converters

ADCs are being used at ever higher frequencies, making receiver front-end design increasingly important. Many applications are moving to super-Nyquist sampling in order to eliminate a mix-down stage, but amplifier noise will degrade the signal-to-noise ratio at these frequencies. Transformers can be used to replace the amplifier, minimizing noise and providing good high-frequency coupling.   


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