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Linear Circuit Design Handbook

Linear Circuit Design HandbookLinear Circuit Design Handbook, edited by Hank Zumbahlen (Newnes, 2008), bridges the gap between circuit component theory and practical circuit design. Effective analog circuit design requires a strong understanding of core linear devices and how they affect analog circuit design. This book provides complete coverage of important analog devices and how to use them in designing linear circuits, and serves as a useful learning tool and reference for design engineers involved in analog and mixed-signal design. It features complete coverage of analog circuit components for the practicing engineer; market-validated design information for all major types of linear circuits; practical advice on how to read op amp data sheets and how to choose off-the-shelf op amps; printed circuit board design issues; and over 1000 figures, including working circuit diagrams. Analog Dialogue readers can get a 20% discount when they order this book directly from Newnes. Enter discount code 92222.

Individual chapters--or a zip file containing all chapters--of the original Basic Linear Design seminar notes can be downloaded by selecting the appropriate links below.

(pdf, 2690 KB)

(pdf, 115 KB)

Chapter 1: The Op Amp
(pdf, 3738 KB)

Chapter 2: Other Linear Circuits
(pdf, 2888 KB)

Chapter 3: Sensors
(pdf, 2160 KB)

Chapter 4: RF/IF Circuits
(pdf, 1363 KB)

Chapter 5: Fundamentals of Sampled Data Systems
(pdf, 453 KB)

Chapter 6: Converters
(pdf, 4020 KB)

Chapter 7: Data Converter Support Circuitry
(pdf, 1281 KB

Chapter 8: Analog Filters
(pdf, 4890 KB)

Chapter 9: Power Management
(pdf, 1392 KB)

Chapter 10: Passive Components
(pdf, 668 KB)

Chapter 11: Overvoltage Effects on Analog Integrated Circuits
(pdf, 1187 KB)

Chapter 12: Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Issues
(pdf, 1918 KB)

Chapter 13: Design Development Tools
(pdf, 7780 KB)

(pdf, 387 KB)

Basic Linear Design - zip file of entire book
(35 MB)

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