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The Data Conversion Handbook

The Data Conversion Handbook, edited by Walt Kester (Newnes, 2005), is written for design engineers who routinely use data converters and related circuitry. Comprising Data Converter History, Fundamentals of Sampled Data Systems, Data Converter Architectures, Data Converter Process Technology, Testing Data Converters, Interfacing to Data Converters, Data Converter Support Circuits, Data Converter Applications, and Hardware Design Techniques, it may be the ultimate expression of product "augmentation" as it relates to data converters. The last chapter discusses practical issues, including common pitfalls and solutions related to the non-ideal properties of passive components.

The Data Conversion Handbook can be purchased from your favorite bookseller.

Individual chapters--or a zip file containing all chapters--of the original Analog-Digital Conversion seminar notes can be downloaded by selecting the appropriate links below.

(pdf, 115 KB)

Chapter 1: Data Converter History
(pdf, 9456 KB)

Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Sampled Data Systems
(pdf, 1418 KB)

Chapter 3: Data Converter Architectures
(pdf, 4547 KB)

Chapter 4: Data Converter Process Technology
(pdf, 5520 KB)

Chapter 5: Testing Data Converters
(pdf, 3135 KB)

Chapter 6: Interfacing to Data Converters
(pdf, 1075 KB)

Chapter 7: Data Converter Support Circuitry
(pdf, 1899 KB

Chapter 8: Data Converter Applications
(pdf, 5479 KB)

Chapter 9: Hardware Design Techniques
(pdf, 3171 KB)

(pdf, 350 KB)

Analog-Digital Conversion - zip file of entire book
(35 MB)

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