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Dan Sheingold We are pleased to note that Doug Mercer was introduced as the newest Analog Devices Fellow at our 1995 General Technical Conference. Fellow, at Analog Devices, represents the highest level of achievement that a technical contributor can achieve, on a par with Vice President. The criteria for promotion to Fellow are very demanding. Fellows will have earned universal respect and recognition from the technical community for unusual talent and identifiable innovation at the state of the art; their significant technical contributions will have had a major impact on the company's revenue and demonstrated superior creative ability in product- or process technology leading to commercial success.

Other attributes include roles as mentor, consultant, gatekeeper, organizational bridge, entrepreneur, teacher, and ambassador. They must also be effective as leaders of teams and contributors to team effort and in understanding the needs of the customer. Our new Fellow's accomplishments and technical abilities, as well as his personal qualities, well-qualify him for this appointment. He joins Fellows Derek Bowers (1991), Paul Brokaw (1980), Lew Counts (1984), Barrie Gilbert (1980) Jody Lapham (1988), Fred Mapplebeck (1989), Jack Memishian (1980), Mohammad Nasser (1993), Wyn Palmer (1991), Richie Payne (1994), Carl Roberts (1992), Paul Ruggerio (1994), Brad Scharf (1993), Mike Timko (1982), Bob Tsang (1988), Mike Tuthill (1988), and Jim Wilson (1993).


mercer.gif Doug Mercer's earliest major achievement at Analog Devices was designing the AD558 DACPORT® (Analog Dialogue 14-1, 1980), a complete, monolithic, voltage-output, single-supply 8-bit laser-trimmed µP-compatible D/A converter. He followed this with its ADC counterpart, the AD670, and a complete 12-bit µP-compatible DAC, the AD567. These, and other commercially successful products, including the AD1671 12-bit sampling ADC and-most recently-the AD768 low-glitch DAC, were major factors in maintaining ADI's unchallenged lead in the market for data converters.

In addition to designing products, Doug has contributed strongly to ADI's set of powerful computer-aided design tools and to development of our complementary bipolar (CB) and analog bipolar-CMOS (ABCMOS) processes. He is also a substantial contributor to product-trim technology. He has written papers on converter design and has several patents (received or pending) on bias-current networks, sample-holds, and output switching.

Doug grew up in a "sleepy little resort town," Saratoga Springs, NY, and went to college in Troy, NY, at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, receiving a BSEE in 1977. He spent most of his free time at school doing "tech stuff" at the college FM radio station (he had a first-class radio operator's license). After graduation, he joined ADI, a relationship which has led to mutual prosperity. Outside Analog: "When there's snow on the ground I like to ski, and when there isn't snow on the ground, I like to play golf."


cox.gif Steve Cox, a Senior Applications Engineer in the Computer Products Division at Analog Devices in Norwood, MA, specializes in Floating Point DSPs. He has a BSEE from Northeastern University. Before joining Analog Devices, he worked at the Naval Underwater Systems Center. In his spare time, he enjoys racing both his road and mountain bikes.
garde.gif Doug Garde, Design Manager for the SHARC processor family and the ADSP-21020, has been with Analog Devices since 1980. Earlier, Doug was with Hewlett Packard in Loveland, Colorado. He received his BSEE from Melbourne University, Australia. Doug is an avid sailor.
murphy.gif Bill Murphy is a Product Marketing Manager for low-cost, high-speed converters for imaging and communications. He holds an MBA from Babson and a BSEE from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Prior to joining ADI, he worked at Prime Computer and Polaroid. His hobbies include running, walking his Keeshound, and (for the moment) helping his wife teach his 8-month-old daughter to walk.
ho.gif Stacy Ho is a Design Engineer in ADI's Video and Image Processing group, Wilmington, MA, working on high-speed data converters. He joined Analog in 1992 after graduating from MIT with a BSEE and an MSEE. In his free time, he enjoys reading and learning to play piano.
Steve Ruscak is a Senior Applications Specialist in our High-Speed Converter Group at Wilmington, MA. His photo and a biographical sketch appear in Analog Dialogue 29-1.
drachler.gif Will Drachler is Product Marketing Manager for high-speed amplifiers within ADI's Advanced Linear Products group in Wilmington, MA. Will earned his BSEE from Rochester Institute of Technology. Prior to working at Analog Devices, he developed hardware for a hard-disk-drive test system at IBM, San Jose, CA. In his spare time, he enjoys a variety of athletics including basketball, cycling, and taking his daughters jogging.
Bob Clarke is Senior Product Marketing Engineer in ADI's Communications Division at Wilmington, MA. His photo and a biographical sketch appear in Analog Dialogue 28-2.

Peter Checkovich is an Applications Engineer for ADI's Advanced Linear Products Division. His photo and a biographical sketch appear in Analog Dialogue 29-1.

singer.gif Larry Singer is a Senior Design Engineer in the High Speed Converter group at Analog Devices in Wilmington, MA, specializing in high-resolution, video-rate analog-to-digital converters. He received his BSEE in 1985 and his MSEE in 1987, both from MIT. Outside of work, he enjoys music, volley-ball, and his family.
hendricks.gif Paul Hendriks is a Senior Applications Engineer for the High Speed Converter Group at ADI's Wilmington site. Paul has a BSEE from McGill University in Montreal. Before joining Analog Devices, Paul worked at Energy Science in Wilmington, MA. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, hiking, and traveling.
brannon.gif Brad Brannon is an Applications Engineer in the Broadband Communications Group at Analog Devices in Greensboro, NC, specializing in DDS and wideband radio applications for data converters. He has a BSEE from North Carolina State University. Brad was a summer intern prior to joining ADI full-time. He enjoys spending time with his family and working on home projects.
errico.gif Paul Errico is a Medical Instrumentation Marketing Manager at Analog Devices for ADI's linear, mixed signal and digital signal processing components. Paul has a BSEE from Northeastern University. Prior to joining ADI, he worked as a design engineer at GTE. Paul likes to run (including the Boston Marathon), bike, drink (sometimes brew) beer, and spend lots of time with his family.
hill.gif Allen Hill is a Marketing Engineer in the High-Speed Converter group at Analog Devices in Greensboro, NC, where he has worked for 15 years. He has an ASET from Guilford Technical Institute. In his spare time, he enjoys golf, gardening and his family.