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Volume 48 — July 2014

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Feature Articles: Products, Applications, Technology, and Techniques

Designing Robust, Isolated I2C/PMBus Data Interfaces for Industrial, Telecommunications, and Medical Applications

A requirement for industrial, telecommunications, and medical applications is a reliable interface for transmitting data. The 2-wire, bidirectional I2C bus is used for low-speed communication between ICs. Based on I2C, PMBus defines an open-standard, digital-power-management protocol  for power converters and other connected devices.

An Introduction to MEMS Vibration Monitoring

Inertial MEMS sensors play a significant role in the massive expansion of today’s personal electronic devices. Their small size, low power, ease of integration, high level of functionality, and superb performance encourage and enable innovation in gadgets such as smartphones, gaming controllers, activity trackers, and digital picture frames; and their high reliability and reduced cost allows them to be deployed in most automotive safety systems.

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Feature Articles: Design Ideas, Tutorials, Measurement Techniques

Demystifying High-Performance Multiplexed Data-Acquisition Systems

High-channel-density data-acquisition systems used for medical imaging, industrial process control, ATE, and 40G/100G optical communication systems multiplex signals from many sensors to a small number of ADCs. This article focuses on key design, performance, and application challenges of multiplexed data-acquisition systems using high-performance precision SAR ADCs.

Complex Power-Supply Sequencing Made Easy

Power-supply sequencing is required for FPGAs, DSPs, ADCs, microcontrollers, and other devices that operate from multiple voltage rails. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using discrete components to sequence the power supplies, and describes a simple, yet effective, method of achieving sequencing by using the internal precision enable pins of the ADP5134.

...Recent Feature Articles: Design Ideas, Tutorials, and Measurement Techniques



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