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Volume 48 ó August 2014

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Feature Articles: Products, Applications, Technology, and Techniques

Accurate Analog Controller Optimizes High-Efficiency Li-Ion Battery Manufacturing

Energy conservation, environmental protection, and the introduction of affordable hybrid and electric vehicles has increased our awareness of battery technologies. Batteries used for vehicles or energy storage have high capacity, typically hundreds of amp-hours. These applications use a large quantity of rechargeable batteries, with high-power Li-Ion cells representing the best solution at this time.

Designing Robust, Isolated I2C/PMBus Data Interfaces for Industrial, Telecommunications, and Medical Applications

A requirement for industrial, telecommunications, and medical applications is a reliable interface for transmitting data. The 2-wire, bidirectional I2C bus is used for low-speed communication between ICs. Based on I2C, PMBus defines an open-standard, digital-power-management protocol  for power converters and other connected devices.

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Feature Articles: Design Ideas, Tutorials, Measurement Techniques

Understanding Switching Regulator Output Artifacts Expedites Power Supply Design

Minimizing output ripple and transients from a switching regulator can be important, especially when powering noise-sensitive devices such as high-resolution ADCs, where the output ripple can appear as a distinct spur on the ADCís output spectrum. This article describes effective techniques for measuring output ripple and switching transients in switching regulators.

Demystifying High-Performance Multiplexed Data-Acquisition Systems

High-channel-density data-acquisition systems used for medical imaging, industrial process control, ATE, and 40G/100G optical communication systems multiplex signals from many sensors to a small number of ADCs. This article focuses on key design, performance, and application challenges of multiplexed data-acquisition systems using high-performance precision SAR ADCs.

...Recent Feature Articles: Design Ideas, Tutorials, and Measurement Techniques



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