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January 2016

Joe Triggs, Don't Panic: An introductory guide to debugging video applications and beyond,, December 14, 2015.

Frederik Dostal, (English title) Expanding the input voltage range of up-converters, Elektronik Praxis, December 15, 2015.

Thomas Tzscheetzsch, (English title) Dimensioning of Differential Operational Amplifiers, Elektronik Praxis, December 15, 2015.

Mark Reisiger, Guarded Limiters Improve High-Impedance Sensor Dynamic Range, Electronic Design, January 12, 2016.

Frederik Dostal, Reducing Noise Generated By Switching Regulators, How2Power, December 17, 2015.

Irvin Ou, (English title) Say Goodbye to the Bias Power for Digital Controllers, Elektronik Praxis, January 13, 2016.

Rob Reeder, An Inside Look at High-Speed ADC Accuracy, Part 3, Electronic Design, January 13, 2016.

Paul Perrault and Mike Teachman, How to Build an Electronic Bee Counter: Turns out you can measure the capacitance of a bee, IEEE Spectrum, January 22, 2016.

Jonathan Harris, ADC Digital Downconverter: A Complex Decimation Example, Planet Analog, January 16, 2016.

Chau Tran, Ambient Light Sensing LED Driver Circuit is Powered by Two AA Batteries and Features a Hibernate Mode for Further Power Savings, EDN-Europe, December 2015, page 21.

Jason Cockrell and Tom MacLeod, An Engineering Walk Through Virtual Eval, ADI's Online Data Converter Product Evaluation Tool, Analog Dialogue, January, 2016.

Maithil Pachchigar, Integrated Multiplexed Input ADC Solution Alleviates Power Dissipation and Increased Channel Density Challenges, Analog Dialogue, January, 2016.

Gustavo Castro, O CMRR, CMRR! Wherefore Art Thou CMRR?, Analog Dialogue, January, 2016.

December 2015

Estibaliz Sanz Obaldia and Junifer Frenila, New DAC Architectures Address Diverse System Design Challenges, Electronic Design, December 2, 2015.

John Kilpatrick, Robbie Shergill, Manish Sinha, 60 GHz Backhaul Links Ready to Boost Cellular Capacity, Microwave Journal, November 13, 2015.

Wyatt Taylor and Duncan Bosworth, Bandwidth Demands Place New Strains on Satellite Communications Design, Microwave Product Digest, October, 2015.

Doug Ito and Ian Beavers, When 1 + 1 = +3 (dB): Averaging ADC Channels to Improve NSD, Electronic Design, October 22, 2015.

Thomas Tschzeetzsch, ADIsimPE – just another Spice simulation?, Elektronik Praxis, November 26, 2015.

David Hunter, CFA and VGA Implement Simple Signal Generator Output Stage, Elektronik Praxis, November 24, 2015.

Stefan Hacker, Energy Efficiency in Systems for Production Automatization – a Multidimensional Problem, Elektronik Praxis, October 28, 2015.

Mike Donovan, Di Pu, and Andrei Cozma, Four Quick Steps to Production: Using Model-Based Design for Software-Defined Radio: Part 4 - Rapid Prototyping Using the Zynq SDR Kit and Simulink Code Generation Workflow, Analog Dialogue, December, 2015.

Estibaliz Sanz Obaldia and Junifer Frenila, New Complete, High Resolution, and Multifunctional Bipolar DACs: an Easy to Use, Universal Solution, Analog Dialogue, December, 2015.

Ian Beavers, Missing Half the Signal, Analog Dialogue, December, 2015.

November 2015

Maithil Pachchigar, Design trade-offs of using SAR and Sigma Delta Converters for Multiplexed Data Acquisition Systems, EDN, November 17, 2015.

Rob Reeder, An Inside Look at High-Speed ADC Accuracy, Part 2, Electronic Design, November 10, 2015.

Robert Brennan, Analyzing, Optimizing, and Eliminating Integer Boundary Spurs in Phase Locked Loops with VCOs, Electronic Design, November 3, 2015.

Di Pu and Andrei Cozma, Four Quick Steps to Production: Using Model-Based Design for Software-Defined Radio: Part 3—Mode S Signals Decoding Algorithm Validation Using Hardware in the Loop, Analog Dialogue, November, 2015.

Darwin Tolentino and Sandro Herrera, Versatile, Precision Single-Ended-to-Differential Signal Conversion Circuit with Adjustable Output Common Mode Boosts System Dynamic Range, Analog Dialogue, November, 2015.

James Bryant, Unused Pins, Analog Dialogue RAQ, November, 2015.

October 2015

Jed Hurwitz, The importance of monitoring all your smart meters, PowerGrid International, 2015-10-06.

Alan Walsh, Protecting ADC Inputs, EDN, 2015-10-06

Walt DeMore, What’s the State of GaN Power Amplification?, Microwaves&RF, 2015-10-01.

Jarrett Liner, SWaP: The RF solution that can mean the difference between flying high and being grounded, Military Embedded Systems, 2015-10-07.

Ryan Curran, Measure twice cut once: Choosing the correct ADC analog input type to reduce risk of redesign, EDN, 2015-10-15.

Di Pu, Andrei Cozma, and Tom Hill, Four Quick Steps to Production: Using Model-Based Design for Software-Defined Radio, Part 2—Mode S Detection and Decoding Using MATLAB and Simulink,Analog Dialogue, October, 2015.

Paul Blanchard and Brian Pelletier, Using ESD Diodes as Voltage Clamps,Analog Dialogue, October, 2015.

September 2015

Jonathan Harris, Analog Devices Design Tools: ADIsimRF Part 3 - Building a Signal Chain, Planet Analog, 2015-09-24.

Walt Kester, A Brief History of Data Conversion: A Tale of Nozzles, Relays, Tubes, Transistors, and CMOS, IEEE Xplore, Summer 2015.

Conal Watterson, Integrated isolation and power bridges the gap between USB and traditional industrial interfaces, EDN Network, 2015-09-14.

Maithil Pachchigar, A Low Power Precision Data Acquisition Signal Chain for Space Constrained Applications,,  2015-09-02.

Di Pu, Andrei Cozma, and Tom Hill, Four Quick Steps to Production: Using Model-Based Design for Software-Defined Radio Part 1—the Analog Devices/Xilinx SDR Rapid Prototyping Platform: Its Capabilities, Benefits, and Tools, Analog Dialogue, September, 2015.

Frederik Dostal, New Advances in Energy Harvesting Power Conversion, Analog Dialogue, September, 2015.

David Buchanan, Unfiltered Analog, Analog Dialogue, September 2015

August 2015

Jonathan Harris, Analog Devices Design Tools: ADIsimRF Part 2, Planet Analog, 2015-08-18

Dave Robertson and Gabriele Manganaro, Use Noise Spectral Density to Evaluate ADCs in “Software-Defined” Systems, Electronic Design,  2015-07-28.

Jeff Watson and Maithil Pachchigar, The extreme environments driving design innovation, Electronic Specifier, 2015-07-28

Aengus Murray, Driving Synchronized Precision Motion in Multiaxis Servo Control Systems,, 2015-08

Jeff Watson and Maithil Pachchigar, A Low Power Data Acquisition Solution for High Temperature Electronics Applications, Analog Dialogue, 2015-08

Robert Brennan, Analyzing, Optimizing, and Eliminating Integer Boundary Spurs in Phase-Locked Loops with VCOs at up to 13.6 GHz, Analog Dialogue, 2015-08

James Bryant, Voltage References Can Bite You, Too, Analog Dialogue, 2015-08

July 2015

Jonathan Harris, Analog Devices Design Tools: ADIsimRF Part 1, Planet Analog, 2015-07-19

Rob Reeder, Duncan Bosworth, Ching Hu, Ronak Shah, and Dan Pritsker, High-Speed ADCs Tame Wideband EW Receivers, Defense Electronics, 2015-07-07

Mark Cantrell and Bikiran Goswami, Maximizing Performance and Integration in Applications Requiring Isolated SPI, EDN, 2015-07-01

Vicky Wong and Yoshinori Kusuda, Zero-Drift Amplifiers: Now Easy to Use in High Precision Circuits, Analog Dialogue, 2015-07-05

Gabriele Manganaro and Dave Robertson, Interleaving ADCs: Unraveling the Mysteries, Analogue Dialogue, Analog Dialogue, 2015-07-05

Gustavo Castro, The Ingenious Gentleman and the Mysterious Paddle, Analog Dialogue, 2015-07-05

June 2015

Rob Reeder, An Inside Look at High Speed Analog-to-Digital Converter Accuracy, Analog Devices, Inc., 2015

Luis Orozco and Wenshuai Liao, Power Efficient Battery Formation/Testing System with Energy Recycling, Analog Devices, Inc., 2015

Mark Looney, The Basics of MEMS IMU/Gyroscope Alignment, Analog Dialogue, 2015-06-05

Duncan Bosworth, Multifunction: a Dilemma or Reality?, Analog Dialogue, 2015-06-05

David Buchanan, Mystery Spur Explained: Don't Blame the DDC!, Analog Dialogue, 2015-06-05

May 2015

Ian Beavers and Matt Felmlee, Clocking wideband GSPS JESD204B ADCs, EDN, 2015-05-06

Ian Beavers, Rethinking Digital Downconversion in Fast, GSPS ADCs, Xcell Journal, 2015, 2nd Quarter 2015

Jonathan Harris, IMS2015 - Demo Setup and the First Day, Planet Analog, 2015-05-21

Jonathan Harris, IMS2015 - Day 2: The Long Day, Planet Analog, 2015-05-21

Jonathan, Harris, IMS2015 - Day 3: The Final and Shortest Day, Planet Analog, 2015-05-22

Moshe Gerstenhaber, Rayal Johnson, and Scott Hunt, No Pain, High Gain: Building a Low-Noise Instrumentation Amplifier with Nanovolt Sensitivity, Analog Dialogue, 2015-05-01

Brian Harrington, Low-Power Synchronous Demodulator Design Considerations, Analog Dialogue, 2015-05-01

James Bryant, Murphy Rules!, Analog Dialogue, 2015-05-01

April 2015

Rob Reeder, Noise Figure in Analog-to-Digital Converters, EDN Europe, 2015-04-16

Ian Beavers, Noise Spectral Density: A “New” ADC Metric?, EDN, 2015-04-09

Ian Beavers, ADC Clock Input Considerations , Elektronik Praxis , 2015-04-01

Umesh Jayamohan, RF-Sampling ADC Input Protection: Not Black Magic After All, Analog Dialogue, 2015-04-01

Jiayuan Wang, Liquid Level Sensing Using Capacitive-to-Digital Converters, Analog Dialogue, 2015-04-01

Gustavo Castro, Muntzing can save cost, components, and even your sanity, Analog Dialogue, 2015-04-01

March 2015

Mark Cantrell/Bikiran Goswami, Maximizing Performance and Integration in Applications Requiring Isolated SPI,, 2015-03-31

Joseph Creech and David Rice, Digital vs. Mechanical Potentiometers: Design Considerations To Maximize System Performance, Power Electronics, 2015-03-31

Jonathan Harris, Analog Devices Design Tools: ADISimADC Performance Metrics, Planet Analog, 2015-03-27

Dara O’Sullivan, Digital PFC Control Adds Value To Motor-Control System Monitoring, Embedded Computing Design, 2015-03-26

James Frame, Choosing the right radio standard for IoT, Electronics Weekly, 2015-03-26

Michal Brychta and Derrick Hartmann, Handle bandwidths with 4 mA to 20 mA current inputs using HART compatibility, Embedded Computing, 2015-03-19

Thomas Tzscheetzsch , Low Cost, High Performance Sound Bar System, Elektronik Praxis , 2015-03-19

Chau Tran and Jordyn Rombola, Low-Power, Low-Cost, Differential Amplifier with High CMRR, EDN Europe, 2015-03-19

Paul Hendricks, High Dynamic Range IF Receiver Simplifies Point-to-Point Design, Elektronik Praxis, 2015-03-05

Ian Beavers, Using a wideband balun with ADCs, Elektronik Praxis, 2015-03-05

Andrei Cozma, Eric Cigan, FPGA-Based Systems Increase Motor-Control Performance, Analog Dialogue, 2015-03-04

Miguel Usach Merino, Dushyant Juneja, Powering ICs On and Off, Analog Dialogue, 2015-03-04

David Buchanan, Isn’t That Gain Specification a Bit Lopsided?, Planet Analog, 2015-03-04

Subodh Madiwale, High Efficiency Resonant Mode Implementation Using Digital Control, EDN, 2015-03-02

February 2015

Jonathan Harris, Analog Devices Design Tools: ADISimADC Web-Based Simulation Tool, Planet Analog, 2015-02-24

Yi Zhang and Michele Viani, Advancement in High Speed Converter Technology Enables Next Generation Wireless Communications Systems Designs, elektronik, 2015-02-23

Bob Clarke and Kevin Kreitzer, How to Maximize Your Software-Defined Radio’s Dynamic Range, Microwave Product Digest, 2015-02-20

James Frame, Critical Parameters for Wireless Communication Systems, elektronik journal, 2015-02-19

Subodh Madiwale and Vuong Tran, Digital Controller IC Minimizes Field Returns Using “Black Box” Tool and Online Diagnostics, Power Electronics, 2015-02-19

John Kilpatrick, Robbie Shergill, 60-GHz Millimeter-Wave Backhaul Link Poised to Boost Cellular Capacity, Xcell Journal , 2015-02-18

Paul Hendricks, High Dynamic Range IF Receiver Simplifies Point-to-Point Design, Microwave Journal, 2015-02-16

Jarrett Liner, Understanding and designing wideband output networks for high speed D/A converters, eetrend, 2015-02-14

Gabriele Manganaro, Wideband AFE based on a continuous-time high speed delta-sigma ADC, EDN, 2015-02-04

Haijiao Fan, Quickly Implement JESD204B on a Xilinx FPGA, Analog Dialogue, 2015-02-04

Ken Gentile, Design a PLL Filter When Only the Zero Resistor and Capacitor Are Adjustable, Analog Dialogue, 2015-02-04

James Bryant, Choosing References, Analog Dialogue, 2015-02-04

Stefan Hacker, Energy efficiency in Factory Automation Systems – a multidimensional problem, E & E Online, 2015-02-03

Sriram Muralidharan, A Compact Low Loss Single-Ended to Two-Way Differential Power Divided/Combiner, IEEE Microwave & Wireless Components Letters, 2015-02-02

Irvin Ou, Say Goodbye to the Bias Power for Digital Controllers, Elektronik Praxis, 2015-02-01

January 2015

Maithil Pachchigar, SAR- statt Sigma/Delta-ADC für hohen Dynamikbereich wählen, Analog Praxis, 2015-01-29

Luis Orozco, Mät signaler under brusgolvet med synkron detektor, Elektronik i Norden, 2015-01-29

Jeff Watson and Maithil Pachchigar, Harsh environments conquered—Components for extreme high temperature applications, eetrend Chinese, 2015-01-27

Thomas Tzscheetzsch, System zum Messen der relative Luftfeuchte, Elektronik Praxis, 2015-01-22

Bob Scannell, Enabling Next-Generation Avionics Systems, EDN, 2015-01-21

Maithil Pachchigar, 18-Bit-Datenerfassungssystem mit geringer Leistungsaufnahme , Analog Praxis, 2015-01-16

Shane Foss and Rob Reeder, A method for synchronising multiple GPS converters, Electronic Specifier, 2015-01-16

Jonathan Harris, Analog Devices Design Tools: VisualAnalog, Part 2, Planet Analog, 2015-01-16

Maurice O’Brien, Multirail power solutions for RF agile radio applications, Power Systems Design, 2015-01-14

Shane Foss and Rob Reeder, A test method for synchronizing multiple GSPS converters, EDN, 2015-01-14

Qui Luu, Power Management for Integrated RF ICs, Analog Dialogue, 2015-01-07

Steven Xie, Design Reliable Digital Interfaces for Successive-Approximation ADCs, Analog Dialogue, 2015-01-07

Gustavo Castro, Don’t Get Caught Speeding , Analog Dialogue, 2015-01-07

Duncan Bosworth, Wirelessly Linking the Aerospace and Defense World, Microwave Product Digest, 2015-01-01

Maurice O’Brien, Ultra-low noise linear regulators for powering PLL/VCO and clocking ICs, EDN, 2015-01-01


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