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Technical Articles

March 2014

Ian Beavers and Jeff Ugalde, Selecting the Right Converter: JESD204B vs. LVDS, Xilinx EE Trend, 2014-03-20

Andrew Erskine, Fortschritt zum kleinen Preis, Elektronik Informationen, 2014-03-19

John Pitrus, Smart Meter Advances Stop Electricity Theft., Electronic Design, 2014-03-14

David Carr, Surging Across the Barrier: Digital Isolators Set the Standard for Reinforced Insulation, Power Pulse, 2014-03-10

Chau Tran and Fotjana Bida, Difference Amplifiers Enable Low Loss, High-Performance Full-Wave Rectifier, Planet Analog, 2014-03-06

Glenn Morita, Einfaches RC-Netzwerk reduziert das LDO-Rauschen , Elektronik Praxis, 2014-03-05

Frederik Dostal, Digital power management without code qualification, Power Systems Design, 2014-03-03

Jakub Szymczak, Shane O’Meara, Johnny S. Gealon, and Christopher Nelson De La Rama, Precision Resolver-to-Digital Converter Measures Angular Position and Velocity, Analog Dialogue, 2014-03-03

Glenn Morita, Noise-Reduction Network for Adjustable-Output Low-Dropout Regulators, Analog Dialogue, 2014-03-03

David Buchanan, Programmable ADC Input Range Provides System Benefits, Analog Dialogue, 2014-03-03

February 2014

Jonathan Harris, ADC Noise: The Clock Input & Phase Noise (Jitter), Part 2, Planet Analog, 2014-02-27

Ian Beavers, Demystifying Deterministic Latency Within JESD204B Converters, Electronic Design, 2014-02-25

Bob Scannell, Wireless Vibration Sensors Enable Continuous And Reliable Process Monitoring, Electronic Design, 2014-02-25

Tony Zarola, ‘Home’ Is Where the Heart Is (Part 2), Medical Design Technology, 2014-02-24

Tony Zarola, ‘Home’ Is Where the Heart Is (Part 1), Medical Design Technology, 2014-02-21

Maurice O'Brien, 集成式电源管理单元简化基于FPGA的系统, EE Focus, 2014-02-19

Jonathan Harris, ADC Noise: The Clock Input & Phase Noise (Jitter), Part 1, Planet Analog, 2014-02-18

Derrick Hartmann, Design tradeoffs for loop-powered transmitters, EDN, 2014-02-18

Colin Duggan and Denis Labrecque, Intelligente Integration, Elektronik, 2014-02-11

Li Ke and Colm Slattery, Electromagnetic Flow Meters Achieve High Accuracy in Industrial Applications, Analog Dialogue, 2014-02-03

Harry Holt, A Deeper Look into Difference Amplifiers, Analog Dialogue, 2014-02-03

James Bryant, Defying Scrooge, Analog Dialogue, 2014-02-03

Cosimo Carriero, Advances in Wireless Technologies, Efficient Infrastructure, 2014-02-01

Gabriele Manganaro, A 12 mW Low Power Continuous-Time Bandpass ΔΣ Modulator With 58 dB SNDR and 24 MHz Bandwidth at 200 MHz IF, JSSC, 2014-02-01

January 2014

Rob Reeder, Designing for Wideband RF, EDN, 2014-01-28

Luis Orozco, Optimizing precision photodiode sensor circuit design, EE Times Europe, 2014-01-26

Rob Reeder, Design Wideband Front Ends for GSPS Converters, Electronic Design, 2014-01-24

Jonathan Harris, ADC Noise: How the Clock Input Can Help, Planet Analog, 2014-01-24

Ian Beavers, Prototyping Systems: JESD204B Converters And FPGAs, Electronic Design, 2014-01-23

Aude Richard, Schleifengespeistes Temperaturmesssystem mit ARM Cortex-M3, Elektronik Praxis, 2014-01-23

Ian Beavers and Jeff Ugalde, Selecting the Right Converter: JESD204B vs. LVDS, Xcell Journal, 2014-01-17

Jonathan Harris, ADC Noise: More on the Analog Inputs, Planet Analog, 2014-01-14

Frederik Dostal, Bessere Regelschleifen in galvanisch isolierten Anwendungen, Elektronik Praxis, 2014-01-13

Mark Cantrell, Making Isolation Safety Standards Work for You, Power Systems Design, 2014-01-10

David Carr, Bits Per Second Make My Head Hertz, Analog Dialogue, 2014-01-06

Gustavo Castro and Scott Hunt, How to Stay Out of Deep Water when Designing with Bridge Sensors, Analog Dialogue, 2014-01-06

Kyle Slightom, Dual-Loop Clock Generator Cleans Jitter, Provides Multiple High-Frequency Outputs, Analog Dialogue, 2014-01-06

December 2013

Maurice O'Brien, Integrated Power Management Unit Simplifies FPGA-Based System, Electronics Maker, 2013-12-28

Jonathan Harris, How Do You Analyze ADC Noise? Part 2, Planet Analog, 2013-12-27

Jonathan Harris, How Do You Analyze ADC Noise? Part 1, Planet Analog, 2013-12-26

Maithil Pachchigar, Let's Compare SAR & Δ-Σ Converters for a Mux'd DAS, Part 5, Planet Analog, 2013-12-17

Sandro Herrera, Differential I/O low-power instrumentation amp, EDN, 2013-12-16

Maithil Pachchigar, Let's Compare SAR & Δ-Σ Converters for a Mux'd DAS, Part 4, Planet Analog, 2013-12-13

Maithil Pachchigar, Let's Compare SAR & Δ-Σ Converters for a Mux'd DAS, Part 3, Planet Analog, 2013-12-12

Jonathan Harris, ADC Power Supply Noise: PSRR & PSMR, Planet Analog, 2013-12-12

Jonathan Harris and Ian Beavers, Why There's No Need to Fear JESD204B, EE Times, 2013-12-11

Maithil Pachchigar, Let's Compare SAR & Δ-Σ Converters for a Mux'd DAS, Part 2 , Planet Analog, 2013-12-11

Maithil Pachchigar, Let's Compare SAR & Δ-Σ Converters for a Mux'd DAS, Part 1 , Planet Analog, 2013-12-10

Maithil Pachchigar and Richard Liggiero, Get ADC data beyond the datasheet, EDN, 2013-12-10

Alexander Hoffman, Grafische Entwicklungsumgebung zur DSP-Programmierung für audiospezifische Anwendungen, atz, 2013-12-06

Uwe Broeckelmann, Wir brauchen eine Alternative zum "On the Job"-Training, Elektronik Praxis, 2013-12-04

Patrick Wiers, Programmierbarer Breitband-Transceiver-IC für SDR, Elektronik Praxis, 2013-12-02

Maurice O'Brien, Synchronisation reduziert Stromversorgungsrauschen, Elektronik Praxis, 2013-12-02

Frederik Dostal, Positive und negative Spannung mit SEPIC-ĆUK-Wandlern erzeugen, Elektronik Praxis, 2013-12-02

Jonathan Harris, Further into the alphabet with interleaved ADCs, EDN, 2013-12-02

Duncan Bosworth, Multiband Analog Front End Brings One-Chip Radio Closer to Reality, Microwave Engineering Europe, 2013-12-02

Witold Kaczurba, FPGA-Based System Combines Two Video Streams to Provide 3D Video, Analog Dialogue, 2013-12-02

Steven Xie, Successive-Approximation ADCs: Ensuring a Valid First Conversion, Analog Dialogue, 2013-12-02

John Ardizzoni, RAQs: 100 Issues and Counting , Analog Dialogue, 2013-12-02

Rob Reeder, Gas Detectors to the Rescue, EDN, 2013-12-01

Ron Kapusta, Junhua Shen, Steve Decker, Hongxing Li, Eitake Ibaragi, and Haiyang Zhu, A 14b 80 MS/s SAR ADC With 73.6 dB SNDR in 65nm CMOS, IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, 2013-12-01

November 2013

Duncan Bosworth, Multiband Analogue Front End Brings One-Chip Radio Closer to Reality, EDN Europe, 2013-11-29

Brian Kennedy, Integrierter Transformator erleichtert Netzteildesign, Elektronik, 2013-11-26

Maithil Pachchigar, Increase Dynamic Range With SAR ADCs Using Oversampling, Part 2, Planet Analog, 2013-11-22

Frederik Dostal, Die Vorteile von invertierenden Buck-Boost-Wandlern, Elektronik Praxis, 2013-11-22

Michal Brychta, Stromschleifen gespeistes Feldgerät mit HART-Schnittstelle, Elektronik Praxis, 2013-11-21

Maithil Pachchigar, Increase Dynamic Range With SAR ADCs Using Oversampling, Part 1, Planet Analog, 2013-11-21

Jonathan Harris, ADC Noise: A Second Look, Part 2, Planet Analog, 2013-11-15

Jonathan Harris, ADC Noise: A Second Look, Part 1, Planet Analog, 2013-11-14

Srivatsan Parthasarathy, Javier A. Salcedo , Jean-Jacques Hajjar, and Paul Zhou, Design optimization of SiGe BiCMOS Silicon Controlled Rectifier for Charged Device Model (CDM) protection applications, Microelectronics Reliability, 2013-11-11

Eric Gaalaas, Digital Isolators Offer Easy-to-Use Isolated USB Option, EDN Network, 2013-11-09

Maurice O'Brien, Stromversorgung für Medizin- und Messtechniksysteme mit FPGA, Elektronik Praxis, 2013-11-05

Rob Reeder, Analog Fundamentals: Instrumentation for impedance measurement, EDN, 2013-11-03

Anders Frederiksen, Modellbasierte Entwicklung, Markt&Technik, 2013-11-01

Jerad Lewis and Brian Moss, MEMS Microphones, the Future for Hearing Aids, Analog Dialogue, 2013-11-01

Maurice O'Brien, Highest Power Density, Multi-Rail Power Solution For Space-Constrained Applications, Analog Dialogue, 2013-11-01

David Buchanan, Overrange Flag Indicates Data Validity, Analog Dialogue, 2013-11-01

October 2013

Maithil Pachchigar, Which is Better: SAR or Delta-Sigma ADCs, Planet Analog, 2013-10-24

Ian Collins, Direkt mischender Sender mit großer Bandbreite, Elektronik Praxis, 2013-10-24

Jonathan Harris, ADC Noise – Where Does It Come From?, Planet Analog, 2013-10-21

Rob Reeder, Analog Fundamentals: Getting to Know the Signal Chain, EDN, 2013-10-18

Frederik Dostal, Power Management for Health Care Applications, Power Systems Design, 2013-10-17

Dushyant Juneja, Guarding chips against electric floods, Electronics For U, 2013-10-17

Jan-Hein Broeders, Herz an Herz, Elektronik Journal, 2013-10-09

Baoxing Chen, Integrierte Isolation zwischen den Signal- und Versorgungsleitungen, Elektronik Industrie, 2013-10-09

Maithil Pachchigar, Data acquisition system enhances images for digital X-Ray and MRI, New Electronics, 2013-10-08

Jonathan Harris, Interleaving Spurs: The Mathematics of Timing Mismatch, Planet Analog, 2013-10-07

Rob Reeder, Analog Fundamentals: Amplifiers, EDN, 2013-10-06

Ian Beavers, Pair The Right JESD204B Converter With Your FPGA, Electronic Design, 2013-10-03

Alberto Carbajo and Javier Calpe, Design and Implementation of Fourier Transform Based Algorithms, Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, 2013-10-01

Sandro Herrera, Measure Frequency Response on Fully Differential Amplifiers Using Complex Algebra, Design News, 2013-10-01

George Alexandrov and Nathan Carter, Some Tips on Making a FETching Discrete Amplifier, Analog Dialogue, 2013-10-01

Scott Wayne, Design Tools and Support Communities Make Analog Fun, not Fearful, Analog Dialogue, 2013-10-01

Maithil Pachchigar, High-Performance Data-Acquisition System Enhances Images for Digital X-Ray and MRI, Analog Dialogue, 2013-10-01

September 2013

Jonathan Harris, Interleaving Spurs: More Math Details for Gain Mismatch, Planet Analog, 2013-09-25

Michael Corrigan & Joe Triggs, CRC testing in video applications: The stages of CRC, EDN, 2013-09-24

Luis Orozco, Colorimeter mit Transimpedanz-PGAs und synchronen Detektoren, Elektronik Praxis, 2013-09-24

Moshe Gerstenhaber and Mark Champion, Высокочувствительный фотодиодный усилитель с дифференциальным выходом, Electronic Components, 2013-09-18

Jonathan Harris, Interleaving Spurs: Let’s Look at the Math, Planet Analog, 2013-09-17

Rob Reeder, Analog Fundamentals: High-Speed PCB Design, EDN, 2013-09-17

Ian Beavers, Daten im Gleichschnitt, Elektronik Informationen, 2013-09-11

Jonathan Harris, Understanding JESD204B Link Parameters, Planet Analog, 2013-09-10

Michael Corrigan & Joe Triggs, CRC testing in video applications, EDN, 2013-09-10

Moshe Gerstenhaber and Mark Champion, Hochempfindlicher Fotodiodenverstärker mit differenziellem Ausgang, Elektronik Praxis, 2013-09-04

Ray Sun, How to Design and Debug a Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) Circuit, Analog Dialogue, 2013-09-04

Henry He, Minimizing Errors in Multiplexed 3-Wire RTD Data-Acquisition Systems, Analog Dialogue, 2013-09-04

John Ardizzoni, EngineerZone Makes Getting Answers a Breeze, Analog Dialogue, 2013-09-04

Benno Kußtatscher, Peter Voss, Rudolf Wihl, Bezahlbarer Rundumschutz für alle Fahrzeugklassen, Elektronik automotive, 2013-09-02

Miguel Usach Merino, Ausgang digital einstellen, Design&Elektronik, 2013-09-02

Edward Coyne, Working 225 V Over-Voltage Protection Cell With Tunable Trigger and Holding Voltages for Latch-Up Immunity, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 2013-09-01

Xing Xing, N.X. Sun, and Baoxing Chen, High-Bandwidth Low-Insertion Loss Solenoid Transformers Using FeCoB Multilayers, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 2013-09-01

August 2013

Jonathan Harris, Interleaving Spurs: Bandwidth Mismatches, Planet Analog, 2013-08-29

John Ardizzoni, Efficiently Design An Op-Amp Summer Circuit, Electronic Design, 2013-08-26

Yi Zhang and Assaf Toledano, High-Speed DACs Fuel Multiband Transmitters, Microwaves & RF, 2013-08-22

Jonathan Harris, Interleaving Spurs: Timing Mismatches, Planet Analog, 2013-08-21

Alan Walsh, The Mystery of SAR ADC Power Specifications, Planet Analog, 2013-08-14

Charly El-Khoury, Verstärker mit 'Disable' – Funktion eliminiert Multiplexer, Elektronik Praxis, 2013-08-12

Rob Reeder, Noise considerations in high-speed converter signal chains, DSP-FPGA, 2013-08-07

David Buchanan, Soft Clipping vs. Hard Clipping, Analog Dialogue, 2013-08-04

Rosemary Ryan, System Demonstration Platform Eases Transition from Evaluation to Prototyping, Analog Dialogue, 2013-08-04

Charly El-Khoury, Amplifier Disable Function Eliminates Need for Multiplexers in Multichannel Applications, Analog Dialogue, 2013-08-04

John Ardizzoni, How to Choose an Op Amp, CQ, 2013-08-01

Tony Zarola, Health Monitoring Anytime and Anywhere, BioSpectrum Asia, 2013-08-01

July 2013

Ian Beavers, Synchronize Multiple ADCs with JESD204B, Electronic Design, 2013-07-29

Jonathan Harris, Interleaving Spurs: Gain Mismatches, Planet Analog, 2013-07-26

Derrick Hartmann, Isolierter analoger Ausgangskanal mit HART-Anschluss, Elektronik Praxis, 2013-07-25

Jonathan Harris, JESD204B: The Critical Link in the FPGA-Converter Chain, Xcell, 2013-07-15

Jonathan Harris, Interleaving Spurs: Offset Mismatches, Planet Analog, 2013-07-11

Baoxing Chen, Integrated signal and power isolation provides robust and compact measurement and control, EDN, 2013-07-10

Frederik Dostal, Minimale Einschaltzeit kann sehr wichtig sein, Elektronik Praxis, 2013-07-02

Jonathan Pearson, Compensating Current Feedback Amplifiers in Photocurrent Applications, Analog Dialogue, 2013-07-02

Ben Wang, Reduced Integration Time Improves Accuracy in Dead Reckoning Navigation Systems, Analog Dialogue, 2013-07-02

James Bryant, Do-it-Yourself ASICs, Analog Dialogue, 2013-07-02

Frederik Dostal, 10 Tipps für den Entwurf von Stromversorgungen, E&E, 2013-07-01

Franck Perronnet, Selezione di Elettronica, ElectroniqueS, 2013-07-01

Bob Scannell, Micro Motion, Electronic Specifier, 2013-07-01

June 2013

Ian Beavers, Slay Your System Dragons with JESD204B, Electronic Design, 2013-06-26

Jonathan Harris, More Thoughts on Interleaved ADCs, Planet Analog, 2013-06-26

Chau Tran, Einfache Schaltung erfasst sehr kleine Temperaturdifferenzen, Elektronik Praxis, 2013-06-25

Jonathan Harris, An Applications Engineer's Perspective of IMS2013 – Day 3, Planet Analog, 2013-06-24

Jonathan Harris, An Applications Engineer's Perspective of IMS2013 – Day 2, Planet Analog, 2013-06-19

Jonathan Harris, Link synchronization and alignment in JESD204B: Understanding control characters, EE Times, 2013-06-19

Jonathan Harris, An Applications Engineer’s Perspective of IMS2013, Day 1, Planet Analog, 2013-06-17

Chris Toliver, Spannungsreferenz und Transistor als Hochleistungs-Shunt-Regler, Elektronik Praxis, 2013-06-12

Frederik Dostal, Maximale Spannungserhöhung mit Boost-Schaltreglern realisieren, Elektronik Praxis, 2013-06-12

Alan Walsh, Voltage Reference Design for Precision Successive-Approximation ADCs, Analog Dialogue, 2013-06-03

James Bryant, Multipliers vs. Modulators, Analog Dialogue, 2013-06-03

John Ardizzoni, Crystal Radio Sets and Op Amps, Analog Dialogue, 2013-06-03

May 2013

Jonathan Harris, Interleaved ADCs: The Basics, Planet Analog, 2013-05-29

Chau Tran and Fotjana Bida, Измерение постоянного и среднеквадратического значений токов при синфазном напряжении ±600 B, Komponenty I Technologii, 2013-05-21

Maithil Pachchigar, Sensor-To-Bits: Simplifying DAQ Design, Electronic Specifier, 2013-05-20

Maurice O'Brien, Integrated power management enables smaller machine vision systems, Power Systems Design, 2013-05-17

Ian Beavers and Jeff Ugalde, Channel compensation methods used in JESD204B converters, EE Times, 2013-05-09

Jonathan Harris, LVDS Is Dead? Long Live LVDS & JESD204B, Planet Analog, 2013-05-07

Mark Cantrell, The future of safety isolation in home healthcare electronics, EDN, 2013-05-06

James Scanlon, Koenraad Rutgers, Safeguard Your RS-485 Communication Networks from Harmful EMC Event, Analog Dialogue, 2013-05-01

Luis Orozco, Programmable-Gain Transimpedance Amplifiers Maximize Dynamic Range in Spectroscopy Systems, Analog Dialogue, 2013-05-01

David Buchanan, Input Magic, Analog Dialogue, 2013-05-01

Jan-Hein Broeders, Come cambiano le mizurazioni cardiache, Selezione di Elettronica , 2013-05-01

April 2013

Umesh Jayamohan, Understanding How Amplifier Noise Contributes to Total Noise in ADC Signal Chains, TechOnline India, 2013-04-30

Anthony Desimone, Michael Giancioppo, Grasp the Critical Issues for a Functioning JESD204B Interface, EE Times, 2013-04-19

Ian Collins, Ausgänge einer Taktquelle mit Low-Jitter LVPECL-Fanout-Puffern erhöhen, Elektronik Praxis, 2013-04-16

Gaetano (Guy) Fichera and Yu-Hin Wong, Digital Isolators Offer Clear Advantages for AC Voltage Motor Drive Designs, Elektronik, 2013-04-13

Alexander Hoffman, Perfekter Klang mit DSP, Hanser Automotive, 2013-04-10

Ian Beavers, Synchronizing Multiple ADCs using JESD204B, EE World, 2013-04-09

David Krakauer, Digital isolators deliver automotive-grade quality, reliability, EE Times, 2013-04-02

Maithil Pachchigar, Komplette Sensor-to-Bits-Lösung: Vereinfachte Entwicklung industrieller Datenerfassungssysteme, elektronik industrie, 2013-04-01

David Guo, Choose Resistors to Minimize Errors in Grounded-Load Current Source, Analog Dialogue, 2013-04-01

James Bryant, Multipliers or Modulators, Analog Dialogue, 2013-04-01

Jonathan Harris, Engpässe vermeiden, Elektronik & Entwicklung, 2013-04-01

Maithil Pachchigar, Complete Sensor-to-Bits Solution Simplifies Industrial Data-Acquisition System Design, Analog Dialogue, 2013-04-01


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