ADSP-2156x SHARC Product Family Delivers Lowest Latency, Highly Deterministic Real-Time Audio Processing Performance

The ADSP-2156x series (ADSP-21562 / 21563 / 21565 / 21566 / 21567 / 21569) of processors are designed to provide immersive audio and sound experience in automotive and consumer/pro-audio applications. The ADSP-2156x audio processors are specifically targeted for applications that demand deterministic and low latency real-time audio processing including immersive 3D sound and personal audio zones, automotive active and road noise cancellation (ANC/RNC), voice-based user-interfaces and in-car communications (AEC/NR & microphone beamforming), engine sound synthesis (ESS) and electric vehicle warning sound systems (EVWSS/AVAS). Additional applications include professional audio and soundbars / home AVRs (with 3D Object and Multi-Channel Audio).




The ADSP-2156x series is supported by an ever-expanding ecosystem of third-party software solutions from recognized leaders such as Dolby and DSP Concepts. Analog Devices is excited to announce a collaboration with Swedish digital audio pioneer Dirac. With an all-in-one platform integrated with patented algorithms, Dirac aims to help automotive customers achieve a truly immersive and differentiated signature sound easier, faster and more cost efficiently. Dirac’s digital audio platform includes tools for measuring, tuning, and optimizing automotive sound systems. Learn more about Dirac's digital audio solutions.

Analog Devices has partnered with DSP Concepts to optimize the Audio Weaver® core libraries specifically for the SHARC+® DSP core, leveraging the high-performance on-chip FIR/IIR hardware accelerators wherever possible, resulting in even more processing power. Audio Weaver contains tools that facilitate development from prototype to production. It is a low-code audio platform that streamlines automotive audio development and reduces risk and complexity by utilizing a drag-and-drop host application for product design, paired with an audio processing engine embedded in the DSP. Leveraging an 4-in/12-out audio flow developed by DSP Concepts using Audio Weaver, the ADI LISTN™ EZ-Audio System provides a turnkey integrated audio solution that can be tuned to any automotive cabin. Leveraging a 4-in/12-out audio flow developed by DSP Concepts using Audio Weaver, the ADI LISTN EZ-Audio System provides a turnkey integrated audio solution that can be tuned to any automotive cabin. Learn more about Audio Weaver and ADI LISTN EZ-Audio.

DSP Concepts

Automotive Audio
Head Unit, Amplifier, Cockpit Domain Controller


Professional Audio
Mixing Console,
Next-Gen Conferencing Systems


Consumer Audio
3D Soundbar, AVR

The ADSP-2156x family are single core 32-bit/40-bit/64-bit floating point processors based on SHARC+ DSP architecture, combining flexible audio connectivity and performance scalability with multiple pin compatible variants (from 400MHz to 1GHz) and several on-chip memory options.


ADI’s rapid prototyping hardware & software development tools enable solution developers to achieve fast time to market. Optimized software-based audio algorithms can be tuned for specific use cases for ease of solution design and reduced development effort.

The ADSP-2156x processors are available in 400-ball CSP_BGA (17mm x 17mm, 0.8mm pitch) and 120-lead LQFP package (14mm x 14mm) options in both automotive and consumer grades to provide design flexibility and enable thermally efficient compact designs across operating temperature range.

To order evaluation kits, please visit the ADSP-2156x EZ-Kit evaluation board page.

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