Features and Benefits

  • Based on Virtex-7 FPGA 
  • One (1) FMC-HPC connector 
  • Ten (10) 13.1 Gbps transceivers supported 
  • Two (2) DDR3-1866 DIMMs 
  • Simple USB port interface (2.0)

Product Details

The ADS7-V2 Evaluation Board was developed to support the evaluation of Analog Devices high speed A/D converters, D/A converters and Transceivers with JESD204B bit rates up to 13.1 Gbps. The Quick Start Wiki site listed below provides a high level overview of the platform. In addition, each use case of the board has its own section (e.g. Using the ADS7-V2 for High Speed A/D Converter Evaluation). The ADS7-V2 is intended to be used only with specified Analog Devices Evaluation Boards. The ADS7-V2 is not intended to be used as a development platform, and no support is available for standalone operation. Please refer to Xilinx and its approved distributors for FPGA Development Kits

Documentation & Resources

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