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The AD9128 is a dual, 16-bit, high dynamic range, digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that provides a sample rate of 1.25 GSPS, permitting a multi-carrier generation up to the Nyquist frequency. The AD9128 includes features optimized for direct conversion transmit applications, including complex digital modulation, and gain and offset compensation. The DAC outputs can interface seamlessly with Analog Devices’ quadrature modulators such as the ADL537x Broadband QMOD series.

The AD9128 incorporates four high-speed serial data lanes reducing the interface connections between the DAC and its digital companion chip compared with CMOS or LVDS parallel interfaces. The serial interfaces are capable of receiving data with voltage swings of 200 to 700mVp-p. With 3 dB of typical receiver equalization, the receiver is capable of capturing data sent across 0 to 20 cm traces on an FR4 board. The AD9128 also features multi-chip deterministic latency capability, allowing multiple dual DACs to be in alignment with one another.

A serial port interface provides read/write access to on-chip registers. Full-scale output current is programmable over a range of 8.5 mA to 31 mA. The AD9128 operates on 1.8 V and 3.3 V supply rails.


  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Transmit diversity
  • Wideband communications: LMDS/MMDS, point-to-point


  1. Small package size 8mm x 8mm footprint
  2. Fewer pins for data input word width with only Four JESD204A data lines
  3. Ultra low noise and intermodulation distortion (IMD) enables high quality transmission of wideband signals from baseband to high intermediate frequencies.
  4. A proprietary DAC output switching technique enhances dynamic performance.

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Evaluation Kit

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FPGA Based Data Capture Kit



FPGA Based Data Capture Kit

FPGA Based Data Capture Kit

Features and Benefits

  • Based on Virtex-7 FPGA 
  • One (1) FMC-HPC connector 
  • Ten (10) 13.1 Gbps transceivers supported 
  • Two (2) DDR3-1866 DIMMs 
  • Simple USB port interface (2.0)

Product Detail

The ADS7-V2 Evaluation Board was developed to support the evaluation of Analog Devices high speed A/D converters, D/A converters and Transceivers with JESD204B bit rates up to 13.1 Gbps. The Quick Start Wiki site listed below provides a high level overview of the platform. In addition, each use case of the board has its own section (e.g. Using the ADS7-V2 for High Speed A/D Converter Evaluation). The ADS7-V2 is intended to be used only with specified Analog Devices Evaluation Boards. The ADS7-V2 is not intended to be used as a development platform, and no support is available for standalone operation. Please refer to Xilinx and its approved distributors for FPGA Development Kits

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