D/A Converters (DAC)

D/A converter converts digital data into analog signal, and is used in variety of applications.

Analog Devices has the industry’s largest portfolio of D/A converters ranging from 8 bits to 24 bits. ADI DACs are unmatched in their ability to deliver performance and value by providing accurate and reliable conversion for a range of applications including industrial automation, programmable logic controllers, optical transceivers, data acquisition, and more. Our portfolio includes integrated output amplifier options for ease of use, dynamic range DACs for multicarrier generation over a very wide bandwidth, and a variety of other digital to analog converters to suit your design needs.

Precision and General Purpose DAC Finder
Resolution (Bits) # of DAC Output Channels
1 2 3 - 7 >/=8
14 - 15
12 - 13
10 - 11
High-Speed DAC Finder
Resolution (Bits) DAC Update Rate (MSPS)
20 - 100 100 - 1,000 1,000+
14 - 15
12 - 13

High Speed Converter Innovations on 28 nm CMOS

Introducing the first of a new line of RF converters designed for GHz bandwidth applications such as 4G/5G multiband wireless communications base stations, multi-standard production test systems, and defense electronics. Based on 28 nm CMOS technology, these ADCs and DACs provide best-in-class bandwidth, power and dynamic range to cover the largest number of signal bands.

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High Speed Converter
HR White