Premium Audio Amplifiers

Premium Audio Amplifiers

Premium audio amplifiers play an important role in the processing and routing of audio-centric signals to various Class-D amplifiers, subwoofers, and remote tuners throughout the vehicle. The premium audio amplifier is physically separate from the primary head unit ECU, and both are connected through a communications network such as Automotive Audio Bus (A2B®). Premium audio amplifiers add extra audio functionality to existing infotainment systems, so designers can service premium vehicle trims without needing to upgrade the performance of the primary head unit. In this respect, ADI’s SHARC® digital signal processors (DSPs) offer a truly scalable solution with pin compatibility across multiple generations. This allows system architects to select a processor based on the exact performance requirements needed by the audio amplifier for a given vehicle trim.

As a market leader in infotainment sound, ADI focuses on advanced premium audio, voice, and acoustic solutions with a broad and scalable portfolio of audio processors, A2B products, vibration sensors, and power management. Our high performance audio digital signal processors (including SHARC & SigmaDSP®) and audio connectivity solutions deliver advanced applications including 3D surround sound, audio zoning, sound synthesis, ANC/RNC, ultrawideband AEC/NR, microphone beamforming, in-car communications, and much more. Our SigmaStudio® tool delivers a GUI-based system for audio configuration, algorithm development, and audio tuning.

ADI’s automotive power solutions offer high integration and are capable of powering multiple voltage rails while running off the battery with a single IC. Packed with the latest technology, they offer high efficiency to drive power density and reduce thermal considerations, while minimizing external components and BOM cost.

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