Features and Benefits

  • 333MHz /1.8 GFLOPs SIMD SHARC core supporting IEEE 32-bit floating-point, 40-bit floating-point and 32-bit fixed-point data types
  • 3Mbits SRAM; On-chip ROM embedded with industry-standard audio decode and post-processing algorithms available to qualified Dolby and DTS licensees only.
  • Use of DTCP enabled components is restricted to DTCP technology adopters only.
  • Digital Audio Interface (DAI) enabling user-definable access to peripherals including an S/PDIF Tx/Rx, 8-channel asynchronous sample rate converter, and Data Transmission Content Protection hardware accelerator
  • 25 zero-overhead DMA channels
  • 6 serial ports (SPORTs) supporting I2S, left-justified sample pair, and TDM modes
  • 2 SPI-compatible ports supporting master and slave modes
  • 16 Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) channels
  • 3 full-featured timers
  • 136-ball MBGA and 144-Ld LQFP E-Pad
    package options
  • Commercial and Industrial temperature ranges

Product Details

The third generation of SHARC® Processors, which includes the ADSP-21261, ADSP-21262, ADSP-21266, ADSP-21363, ADSP-21364, ADSP-21365, and ADSP-21366, offers increased performance, audio and application-focused peripherals, and memory configurations capable of supporting surround-sound decoder algorithms. All devices are pin-compatible and completely code-compatible with all prior SHARC Processors. These members of the SHARC Processor family are based on a single-instruction, multiple-data (SIMD) core, which supports both 32-bit fixed-point and 32-/40-bit floating-point arithmetic formats making them particularly suitable for high-performance audio applications.

The ADSP-21365 offers the highest performance – 333 MHz/1800 MFLOPs -- within the third generation SHARC Processor family. This level of performance makes the ADSP-21365 particularly well suited to address the increasing requirements of the professional and automotive audio market segments. In addition to its higher core performance, the ADSP-21365 includes additional value-added peripherals such as an S/PDIF transmitter/receiver, 8-channel asynchronous sample rate converter, and a hardware Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP) encryption/decryption block.

Third generation SHARC Processors also integrate application-specific peripherals designed to simplify hardware design, minimize design risks, and ultimately reduce time to market. Grouped together, and broadly named the Digital Audio Interface (DAI), these functional blocks may be connected to each other or to external pins via the software-programmable Signal Routing Unit (SRU). The SRU is an innovative architectural feature that enables complete and flexible routing amongst DAI blocks. Peripherals connected through the SRU include but are not limited to serial ports, SPI ports, S/PDIF Tx/Rx, DTCP Accelerator, and an 8-Channel asynchronous sample rate converter block.

SHARC Melody Platform for the Car

The SHARC Melody platform combines high-performance processors with optimized software, thus offering complete audio solutions to the automotive marketplace. The ADSP-21365 through on-chip ROM offers industry standard audio decoder & post-processing algorithms such as:

  • PCM
  • Dolby Digital*
  • Dolby Digital EX2*
  • Dolby Pro Logic IIx*
  • DTS 5.1*
  • DTS ES*
  • DTS Neo:6*
  • DTS 96/24*
  • SRS Focus*
  • MP3
  • Graphic Equalizer
  • Balance/Fader
  • Bass Management
  • Delay Management

These algorithms are factory mask-programmed ensuring that single-chip system implementations are realized and system bill of materials costs are minimized.

* License agreement required from IP holders prior to receipt of silicon samples.

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