Features and Benefits

  • High performance
    • True differential analog input range: ±VREF
      • 0 V to VREF with VREF between 2.5 V and 5 V
    • Throughput: 1 MSPS/500 kSPS options
      • Zero latency architecture
    • 16-bit resolution with no missing codes
    • INL: ±0.4 LSB typical, ±1 LSB maximum
    • Dynamic range: 95.5 dB, VREF = 5 V
    • SNR: 94 dB at fIN = 1 kHz, VREF = 5 V
    • THD: −118.5 dB at fIN = 1 kHz, VREF = 5 V
    • SINAD: 93.5 dB at fIN = 1 kHz, VREF = 5 V
  • Low power dissipation
    • Single-supply 2.5 V operation with 1.8 V/2.5 V/3 V/5 V logic interface
    • AD7916: 2 mW at 500 kSPS (VDD only) 3.7 mW at 500 kSPS (total)
    • 70 μW at 10 kSPS
  • Proprietary serial interface: SPI-/QSPI-/MICROWIRE™-/DSP-compatible1
  • 10-lead packages: MSOP and 3 mm × 3 mm LFCSP
  • Wide operating temperature range: −40°C to +125°C

Product Details

The AD7915/AD7916 are 16-bit, successive approximation, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) that operate from a single power supply, VDD. They contain a low power, high speed, 16-bit sampling ADC and a versatile serial interface port. On the CNV rising edge, the AD7915/AD7916 sample the voltage difference between the IN+ and IN− pins. The voltages on these pins typically swing in opposite phases between 0 V and VREF. The reference voltage, REF, is applied externally and can be set independent of the supply voltage, VDD. The power consumption of the AD7915/AD7916 scales linearly with throughput.

The AD7915/AD7916 are serial peripheral interface (SPI) compatible, which features the ability, using the SDI input, to daisy-chain several ADCs on a single 3-wire bus. They are compatible with 1.8 V, 2.5 V, 3 V, and 5 V logic using the separate VIO supply.

The AD7915/AD7916 are available in a 10-lead MSOP or a 10-lead LFCSP with operation specified from −40°C to +125°C.


  • Automated test equipment
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Medical instruments
  • Machine automation

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    AD7916 Companion Parts

    Recommended Digital Isolators

    • For SPI Interface, enhanced system-level ESD performance, 2.5kVrms isolation:

    • For SPI Interface, lowest power, 2.5kVrms isolation:

    • For SPI Interface, smallest package, low voltage I/O (1.8 V to 5.5 V): ADUM3481.
    • For SPI Interface, low power, 5.0 kVrms isolation: ADUM4401.

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