Design Faster With ADI’s Precision Wide Bandwidth Signal Chains

Analog Devices' Precision Wide Bandwidth signal chains (DC – 1MHz) help accelerate and optimize your low-latency, high-precision designs. Signal chains for voltage measurement and drive applications featuring up to 18 bit resolution are ideal for a variety of industrial and instrumentation use cases such as non-destructive test, hardware in the loop (HiL) & power analyzers. Light Measurement signal chains provide solutions for medical imaging/x-ray, flow cytometry and spectrometry applications. Selected components chosen by ADI’s engineers to optimize signal chain performance for a variety of application requirements targeting your most important specifications, whether for measurement noise (SNR), DC linearity, settling time performance, closed-loop or measurement latency, or total harmonic distortion (THD). Complementary tools, expert training, and clear documentation simplify component choice and speed up design implementation.