Features and Benefits

  • 3x2mm LFCSP Analog I/O Protection and detection solution
    • Overvoltage protection up to ±60 V on source pins
    • Power-off protection up to ±60 V on source pins
    • Overvoltage detection on source pins
    • Integrated 1 kΩ feedback loop for outputs
  • Fault propagation eliminated from supply/signal path
    • No current shunted to supplies during fault condition
    • Removes fault power dissipation
  • Known and stable output under all conditions
    • User enabled Power on Condition pulls source to 0 V
    • Known state without digital inputs present
  • Optimized resistance for measurement channel and feedback loop
    • Low on resistance of 10 Ω typical on signal channel
    • Low On-resistance flatness on signal channel
    • 1 kΩ resistance on feedback channel
  • 5.5 kV human body model (HBM) ESD rating
  • Latch-up immune under any circumstance
  • Vss to Vdd -2 V signal range
    • Fully specified at ±15 V, ±20 V, +12 V, and +36 V
    • ±5 V to ±22 V dual supply operation
    • 8 V to 44 V single-supply operation

Product Details

The ADG5401F is a single-pole/single-throw (SPST) low on resistance switch that features overvoltage protection, power-off protection and overvoltage detection on the source pin. The ADG5401F also features a protected feedback channel for use with digital to analog converter or amplifier outputs.

When no power supplies are present, the switch remains in the off condition, and the switch inputs are high impedance. When powered, if the analog input signal levels on the S pin exceed Vdd or Vss by a threshold voltage, Vt the switch turns off, the normally high FF (fault flag) pin drops to a logic low and a high resistance path between D and DFB is switched in to prevent an open loop condition on an amplifier output. Input signal levels up to +60 V or −60 V relative to ground are blocked, in both the powered and unpowered condition. The selectable POC function allows the protected switch terminal, S, to be driven to GND, to prevent glitches on the output. The switch turns on with a logic 1 input and conducts equally well in both directions. The digital input is compatible with 1.8 V logic inputs over the full operating supply range.

Product Highlights

  • Source pin is protected against voltages greater than the supply rails, up to −60 V and +60 V in both powered and unpowered state.
  • Overvoltage detection with digital output indicates operating state of switches.
  • Trench isolation guards against latch-up.
  • The ADG5401F can be operated from a dual supply of ±5 V up to ±22 V or a single power supply of 8 V up to 44 V.
  • Nmos only architecture requires 2 V headroom towards Vdd and provides low Ron and low Ron flatness across the signal range of Vss to Vdd – 2 V.


  • DAC Output Protection
  • Amplifier output Protection
  • Analog input/output modules
  • Process control/distributed control systems
  • Data acquisition
  • Instrumentation
  • Avionics
  • Automatic test equipment
  • Communication systems
  • Relay replacement

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This product is new and engineering validation may still be underway. Quantities may be limited and design specifications may change while we ready the product for release to production.

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