Engineer tests signals from microwave antennas atop a building
Engineer tests signals from microwave antennas atop a building
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Tune In to Open RAN Design Efficiencies

The RadioVerse® ADRV904x-RD open radio unit (O-RU) reference design platform from Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) combines essential elements of the open RAN (O-RAN) design process and frees up RU engineers to focus on innovation rather than design hurdles. Combined with a customer supported development process, these O-RAN reference designs help empower engineers to develop unique and differentiated RUs with less risk and a shorter time to market by providing a known and trusted architecture that has been conformance and interoperability tested in multiple O-RAN plugfests and private installations.

A Complete O-RAN Design Solution

The RU platform is a complete solution from the optical fronthaul to RF and allows for hardware and software customization for macro and small cell RUs. The fully integrated platform leverages market-leading technologies that drive advanced 4G and 5G RU requirements and include support for all sub-6 GHz band and power variants, including multiband applications. A massive MIMO platform will be introduced later this year.

This complete O-RAN design and development platform includes ADI’s advanced 8T8R 400 MHz, ADRV904x ADI RadioVerse SoC, and commercial grade and interoperability tested O-RAN 7.2a IP, running on the Intel® advanced node AGF014 Agilex™ FPGA.

Cutaway of antenna showing placement of circuit board with labels
ADRV904x-RD Small Signal O-RU Design Platform

A Full 5G Radio Platform for the O-RAN Ecosystem

This radio platform addresses critical power consumption and design challenges of next-generation networks. The ADRV904x with digital front end is the lowest power integrated transceiver, with architecture that reduces RF front-end complexity and relaxes filter requirements. The DFE includes advanced algorithms for digital predistortion (DPD), crest factor reduction (CFR), and channel digital up/downconversion (CDUC/CDDC). The power signal chain is tuned to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio, improving the performance and efficiency of the RU. The full-featured, commercial ready 7.2a O-RAN IP (eCPRI + low PHY) supports LTE, 5G, and NB-IoT.

O-RU Reference Designs

By synchronizing and harmonizing active components on a small signal board, ADI’s O-RU reference designs simplify the development process and significantly shorten the design cycle by eliminating many common design hurdles and minimizing risk.

The reference platform includes standard connectors for flexible PA modules for rapid testing and allows the development of all 4G or 5G bands and power variants from 0.25 W to 60 W. The fully supported, commercial O-RAN 7.2a IP facilitates rapid setup for interoperability testing.

Simplified block diagram of ADRV904x-RD circuit board with callouts
ADRV904x-RD Simplified Block Diagram

8T8R Radio Unit Platform

A fully integrated 8T8R RU reference design platform for 4G and 5G macro radio units (RU).

  • Eliminates design hurdles, speeds time to market
  • Full-feature, commercial grade O-RAN 7.2a IP
  • Modular platform design reduces product development time for band and power variants
  • Partnerships with PA vendors to optimize DPD + PA efficiency. Extensive library of fully linearized PAs available
  • Integrated digital front end + transceiver platforms cover all BTS form factors
  • High efficiency, harmonized power silicon reduces system SNR, improving performance and efficiency

All ASIC 32T32R M-MIMO System

Complete Reference Design Supporting O-RAN 7.2 Split.

  • Antenna array to optical cable
  • 32T32R, eight downlink four uplink layers, 200 MH occupied BW
  • 75 dBm total EIRP (72 dBm EIRP per polarization)
  • Full thermal and mechanical design


  • Digital predistortion and crest factor reduction
  • Antenna calibration
  • Lower Layer 1 and beamforming
  • O-RAN management plane
  • Available Q4 2023
Photo of ADRV904x-RD circuit board
ADRV904x-RD Board with two 4T4R PA Modules
Photo of all ASIC mMIMO circuit board
32T32R, All ASIC mMIMO Reference Design

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Conformance and Interoperability

ADI’s new radio platform for the 5G O-RAN ecosystem features all the core functionality of the radio unit, including a commercial grade O-RAN 7.2a IP paired with ADI’s next-generation software-defined transceiver. Modular RF front-end connectors support easy testing for a different band, bandwidth, and power level PAs. End-to-end phone calls and video streaming have been completed successfully on the platform. Multiple third-party vendors have tested and proven the platform’s interoperability during various O-RAN alliance plugfests and in private installations connecting through the Radisys DU/CU stack with Intel FlexRAN™.

Image showing a variety of Plugfest certifications


Advanced ADI RadioVerse SoC

The ADRV904x is an advanced, power efficient 8T8R SoC with extensive integrated digital functionality that lets radio designers significantly reduce FPGA size or eliminate incremental FPGAs. Developed for advanced radio designs including 5G small cell, macro, and massive MIMO, the device is the latest generation of market-leading ADI transceivers.

  • 8T8R or 2x4T4R support
  • Multiband FDD/TDD
  • 400 MHz DPD + GaN Support, CFR, DUC/DDC
  • 600 MHz to 7.1 GHz
  • 400 MHz IBW per channel
  • Macro, M-MIMO and small cell support

O-RAN 7.2A IP (LowPHY + eCPRI)

A production ready, full-feature low PHY baseband with an O-RAN compliant 7.2a split (eCPRI) solution for NR and LTE air interfaces. Supports eight antennas at 200 MHz OBW each, with four-component carriers per antenna. Covers all FR1 bands. Applicable for Intel and AMD (Xilinx) FPGAs.

  • 7.2x O-RAN compliant Cat A
  • 8T8R, 2x4T4R support, 4T4R, multiband FDD/TDD
  • LTE/5G/NB-IoT support
  • (i)FFT, PRACH, eCPRI
  • Supports FR1 and FR2

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