5G Radio Platform
5G Radio Platform

Shorten Design Cycles, Reduce Power, and Costs

The new radio platform from Analog Devices for the 5G O-RAN ecosystem will feature all the core functionality of the radio unit including an O-RAN compliant, 7.2x low PHY baseband ASIC; ADI’s next-generation software-defined transceiver; an RF front end; as well as timing and power solutions.

Designed to enable significant power, size, cost, and weight improvements, the radio platform addresses the critical power consumption and cost challenges of next-generation networks. The low PHY implements the eCPRI interface and supports LTE, 5G, and NB-IoT. A highly integrated transceiver with digital front end provides a low power radio conversion solution while minimizing RF front-end complexity and relaxing filter requirements. The DFE implements advanced algorithms for crest factor reduction (CFR) and digital predistortion (DPD) along with channel digital up/downconversion (DUC/DDC).

ADI’s algorithm team continually works with major PA vendors to collaborate on developing the most efficient linearized options for the latest PA technologies. This gives you the most advanced PA/DPD pairing for your designs, across band and power variants, and reduces development time in the mid-stage of the design effort.

ADI’s systems team collaborates with ecosystem participants by providing reference designs and interoperability testing, which reduces integration time throughout your design cycle.

Technology evaluation platforms will be available later this year.

Complete 5G Radio Platform for the O-RAN Ecosystem

Stay Informed

Stay Informed

Over the next several months we’ll be releasing more information about this exciting new platform and the technology that’s driving it. To stay informed, fill out our inquiry form with your details and an ADI representative will reach out to you with more information.

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Learn More

To learn more about Analog Devices’ wireless systems and solutions, please visit: analog.com/radioverse.


Next-Generation Transceiver

  • 8T8R or 2x4T4R support
  • Multi-band FDD/TDD
  • 400 MHz DPD + GaN Support, CFR, DUC/DDC
  • 600 MHz to 7.1 GHz
  • 400 MHz IBW per channel
  • Macro, M-MIMO and small cell support

ADI Low PHY Baseband

  • Complete low PHY baseband to O-RAN compliant 7.2 split
  • 7.2x O-RAN compliant Cat A
  • 8T8R, 2x4T4R support, 4T4R, multiband FDD/TDD
  • LTE/5G/NB-IoT support
  • (i)FFT, PRACH, eCPRI
  • C/U/S/M plane processing

O-RU Reference Design

4T4R Microcell/Small Cell/Macro

O-RAN Compliant RU for 4G and 5G wireless infrastructure

  • Modular platform design reduces product development time for band and power variants
  • ADRV902x tunable for 600 MHz to 6 GHz in FDD and TDD mode
  • TRx and DFE functions a 14 mm x 14 mm package
  • 100 MHz OBW, ~5 W per antenna
  • O-RAN compliant eCPRI, 7.2x low PHY

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4T4R Microcell/Small Cell/Macro

M-MIMO System

Complete Reference Design Supporting O-RAN 7.2 Split

  • Antenna array to optical cable
  • 32T32R, 8 Downlink 4 Uplink layers, 200 MHz Occupied BW
  • 75dBm total EIRP (72dBm EIRP per polarization)
  • Full thermal and mechanical design



  • Digital pre-distortion and crest factor reduction
  • Antenna calibration
  • Lower Layer 1 and beamforming
  • O-RAN management plane


M-MIMO System