ADIsimSRD Design Studio

Create and optimize short-range wireless systems in no time before going to the lab!

The design and optimization of short-range wireless systems is a complex task due to the diverse range of interdependent parameters to be set. The range of subsystems to be considered in the development process include the PLL, RF filtering/matching, modulation type and demodulation process, packet data formatting, and average power consumption. Until now, system designers relied on a combination of spreadsheet-based tools and iterative lab work to help with the optimization of these parameters.

Analog Devices ADIsimSRD Design Studio is a very powerful tool allowing real-time simulation and optimization of many of the parameters in a typical wireless system using the ADF7xxx family of transceivers and transmitters. The development tool is based on the popular ADIsimPLL™ tool, and has been enhanced to allow users to view modulation in both the time and frequency domains. Furthermore, the ADIsimSRD Design Studio greatly simplifies the overall development process by creating a path along which a user can be guided and breaking down the design workflow into a number of distinct tasks.

ADIsimSRD Design Studio
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List of Tasks Available In ADISIMSRD Design Studio

New Design Wizard:  Includes default settings for the various regional regulations (FCC, ETSI, ARIB, etc.)

Link Budget:  Allows range estimation

Frequencies Worksheet:  Aids in choice of xtal and PFD

Transmitter Spectrum:  Extremely flexible spectrum analyzer (FFT based)

Antenna/Filter:  Help in matching circuits

Packet Formatting:  Enter in your packet structure to see effect on battery life and PER

Sync Detection:  Helps choose sync byte with good auto-correction properties

Power Consumption:  Different Sleep-Tx-Rx scenarios possible. Aids in battery life calculation

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