Features and Benefits

  • Complete JESD204B to antenna port design with AD9375 DPD and SKY66297-11 PA
  • 2 × 2 LTE 20 MHz, 250 mW output power per antenna, Band 7 FDD
  • Contains transceiver, 2 PAs, 2 LNAs, duplex filters, and dc power solution
  • Power consumption of radio board: approximately 10 W
  • Powered from single 12 V supply
  • Evaluation kit connects to baseband subsystem

Product Details

The ADRV-DPD1/PCBZ is a 24 dBm per path, 2 × 2 multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) radio board, which uses the AD9375, a highly integrated radio frequency (RF) transceiver with integrated digital predistortion (DPD). The radio board is designed to be used with the dual connector interposer board to interface with the EVAL-TPG-ZYNQ3 or other Xilinx® or Avnet evaluation boards for the Xilinx Zynq-7000 field programmable gate array (FPGA) platform, which has a dual core ARM Cortex®-A9 processor running a Linux® variant.

The AD9375 small cell evaluation software (SCES), AD9375 Small Cell Radio Reference Design Evaluation Software GUI, can configure and control the ADRV-DPD1/PCBZ board. Note that the Mykonos transceiver evaluation software (MTES) and DPD graphical user interface (GUI) software are not compatible with the ADRV-DPD1/PCBZ.

Full specifications on the AD9375 are available in the AD9375 data sheet available from Analog Devices, Inc., and must be consulted in conjunction with this user guide when using the evaluation board.

Getting Started

The evaluation system user guide is available for download here and describes how to get up and running. The evaluation kit offers several software drivers for evaluation and rapid prototyping as well as design tool options to aid in simulation and filter design. Also, watch the video in the documentation section below to see one of our applications engineers step through the setup process.


Evaluation Software

Wideband RF Transceiver Evaluation Software
The Evaluation kit offers several software drivers for evaluation and rapid prototyping as well as design tool options to aid in simulation and filter design.

Design Tool

SDR Integrated Transceiver Design Resources
This site contains the device documentation packages for the SDR Integrated Transceivers including user guides, IBIS models, and PCB files.

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