Features and Benefits

  • Complete ADRV9026 radio cards for evaluation
    • ADRV9026-HB/PCBZ for frequency band 2.8GHz to 6GHz
    • ADRV9026-MB/PCBZ for frequency band 650MHz to 2.8GHz
    • ADRV9026-LB/PCBZ for frequency band 75MHz to 1000MHz
  • Complete ADRV9029 radio cards for evaluation
    • ADRV9029-HB/PCBZ (integrated DPD & CFR) for frequency band 2.8GHz to 6GHz
    • ADRV9029-MB/PCBZ (integrated DPD & CFR) for frequency band 650MHz to 2.8GHz
  • 4x4 Wideband RF transceiver platform operating over 650MHz to 6GHz frequency range
  • A separate power daughter card provides reference design for high efficiency power supply solution
  • FMC connector to FPGA motherboard ADS9-V2EBZ
  • Includes schematics, layout, BOM, API and evaluation software

Product Details

The ADRV9029 and ADRV9026 radio cards designed to showcase the ADRV9026 (quad-channel wideband RF transceiver) and ADRV9029 (quad-channel wideband RF transceiver with integrated DPD & CFR). The radio cards provide a 4x4 transceiver platform for device evaluation. All peripherals necessary for the radio card to operate include a separate high efficiency power circuit board, and a high-performance clocking solution included on the radio board. Connecting one of the radio cards with the FPGA motherboard ADS9-V2EBZ through the FMC connector form a complete evaluation platform for ADRV9026 and ADRV9029. The ADRV9026 evaluation kit can also be used to evaluate the performance of the ADRV9010.


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Applicable Parts

Package Contents

  • One ADRV9026-HB/PCBZ, ADRV9026-MB/PCBZ, ADRV9026-LB/PCBZ, ADRV9029-HB/PCBZ, or ADRV9029-MB/PCBZ radio card with FMC connector
  • One 12V wall connector power supply cable

Note: The package does not contain the ADS9-V2EBZ motherboard which is necessary for operation and must be ordered separately. Please use one of the two 16GB Micro SD cards included in the ADS9 EVB kit (TRX) for booting up the ADRV9026 or ADRV9029 Windows-based GUI.


Evaluation Software

ADRV9026 Released Software SW6.4.0.19
The ADRV9026 software package contains the GUI software, the API source code, the firmware file, and the gain tables. The GUI software enables transceiver testing using the evaluation board and the Windows GUI. The API source code is intended for use in a customer system and can be integrated with the rest of the customer code and compiled for the target system. The firmware file in binary format is used by the ARM® processor on the transceivers. The gain tables include the receiver gain tables and transmitter attenuation table. Note that the files within the zip must be used together. For example, the ARM files from one zip file cannot be used with the API files from another version.
2481 M
The ADRV9026-SDCARD included with the evaluation kit was up to date at the time of packaging the kit. If an update is necessary, the user will be prompted to update the image when connecting to the GUI. If the card does not function properly or users would like to create their own SD card, this image file can be downloaded and used to write a new card or overwrite the ADRV9026-SDCARD included with the evaluation kit. To program a card using this image, follow the programming instructions after downloading the image to a local drive. Note that a 16 GB minimum SD card is required when programming a new card.
584.37 K
ADRV9026/ADRV9029 Release Build Software Release Notes SW6.4.0.19
The SW6.4.0.19 RELEASE build provides updates in the ARM firmware, stream files, API, and GUI software to support ADRV9026/ADRV9029.

Design Tool

13.85 M
ADRV9026/ADRV9029 Design File Package (Last Updated 10/2021)
The Design File Package includes the eval board schematics, BOM, layout, IBIS, BSDL models, JCOM models, S-parameters Material Declaration, and Symbols and Footprints.

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