Features and Benefits

  • 2x2 Narrow/Wide-band RF transceiver platform operating over 30MHz to 6GHz frequency range
  • Complete radio cards for evaluation
    • ADRV9002NP/W1/PCBZ for frequency band 30MHz to 3GHz
    • ADRV9002NP/W2/PCBZ for frequency band 3GHz to 6GHz
  • An on-board
    • Clock and MCS distribution
    • Reference design for high efficiency power supply solution
    • Power consumption monitoring solution
  • FMC connector to FPGA motherboard (ZC706 and ZCU102)
  • Powered from single FMC connector
  • Includes schematics, layout, BOM, HDL, drivers and application software

Product Details

The ADRV9002NP/W1/PCBZ and ADRV9002NP/W2/PCBZ are radio cards designed to showcase the ADRV9002, dual-channel Narrow/Wide-band RF transceiver. The radio cards provide a 2x2 transceiver platform for device evaluation. All peripherals necessary for the radio card to operate include high efficiency power circuit board, and a high-performance clocking/MCS distribution included on the radio board. Connecting one of the radio cards with the FPGA motherboard through the FMC connector form a complete evaluation platform for ADRV9002.

Schematic/CAD/BOM/S-Parameters/IBIS Files/BSDL

This hardware together with TES software can be used to emulate ADRV9003 and ADRV9004 transceiver. When ADRV9003 or ADRV9004 transceiver is selected in TES, software can generate required initialization sequence that is tailored to particular transceiver.


Evaluation Software

98.31 K
Software and Hardware Selection Guide
The ADRV9001 evaluation system can be controlled using two different software packages provided by ADI. The two software packages serve different user types. This document is designed to help the user to better understand the differences between available ADRV9001 software packages and their corresponding hardware configurations.
Wideband RF Transceiver Evaluation Software
The Evaluation kit offers several software drivers for evaluation and rapid prototyping as well as design tool options to aid in simulation and filter design.
ADRV9001 Prototyping Software Wiki Page
The IC delivers a versatile combination of high performance and low power consumption required by battery powered radio equipment and can operate in both FDD and TDD modes.

Design Tool

ADRV9001 Design File Package (Last Updated 9/2022)
Download the complete design file resource package including RF ports s-parameters, IBIS models, BSDL files, PCB GERBER and CAD file, schematics, and bill of materials.