Instrumenting 5G

The transition of test and measurement capabilities from 4G to 5G is not a simple step up. It is an evolutionary leap beyond the performance of current equipment in the development and operation ecosystem. A wider frequency spectrum. Unsurpassed millimeter wave bandwidths (28 GHz and 39 GHz). And standards that are forming but are still incomplete. These are just some of the challenges. And before they can be met, they have to be measured and tested.

We can help you do that with the broadest RF portfolio, the highest-performing converters, and deep expertise all along the signal chain.

5G Instrumentation

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Measuring the Impact of 5G

Randy Oltman looks at how electronic test and measurement (ETM) manufacturers can prepare for and benefit from 5G.

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Helping Customers Move toward a 5G Future

Learn how product expertise from Analog Devices helped Rohde & Schwarz meet the critical high-performance benchmarks for two new products.

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Wideband Receiver

Wideband Receiver for 5G, Instrumentation, and ADEF

Wideband ADC technology has matured to the point where RF sampling is possible for a wide range of applications once dominated by frequency translating designs.

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5G Standards Blog

As 5G gets closer, many questions need to be answered about how it will all work. Our experts keep you up to date with the latest in emerging 5G standards.

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