Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-low distortion, high-resolution source
    • DC, 50Hz to 40kHz Frequency Range
    • Proprietary digital pre-distortion (DPD) algorithm
    • –130dBc THD @ 1kHz (typ.)
    • Arbitrary waveform generation (AWG) with on-board pattern memory
    • Differential (balanced) output up to 3.6VRMS
  • Fast pattern switching between multiple stored waveforms
  • Small form-factor (60mm x 40mm)
  • Low power, 1W typ. (quiescent)
  • SPI interface for integration into test and measurement systems

Product Details

The ADMX1002 is an ultra-low distortion sinewave and high-resolution arbitrary waveform generator. This high-performance module demonstrates a proprietary digital pre-distortion algorithm that reduces signal distortion below levels that can be achieved with high-performance digital-to-analog converters (DAC) and amplifiers alone. Its differential output can be set to common-mode levels often required to test high-performance analog-to-digital converters (ADC), audio codecs, and other audio ICs and systems. With an easy-to-use SPI interface and small-form factor, the ADMX1002 can be easily embedded into test systems, or simply used on the bench for measurement and characterization.


  • High-end audio test
  • Analog-to-digital converter characterization and test
  • Sensor and transducer test
  • Frequency response and network analysis
  • ATE

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Getting Started

Detailed instructions are in the wiki: ADMX1001 and ADMX1002, Ultra-low Distortion, Low Noise Signal Generator and Acquisition Evaluation Modules [Analog Devices Wiki]

Note: Evaluation Software is available to download.

Quick start:

  • Download and install the GUI
  • Download and install the SDP drivers
  • Plug the ADMX1002 module into the carrier board EVAL-ADMX100X-FMCZ
  • Connect the SDP-H1 board to the FMC connector of the EVAL-ADMX100X-FMCZ
  • Connect the USB cable from the SDP-H1 to the host PC
  • Provide power to the SDP-H1 followed by the EVAL-ADMX100X-FMCZ with the included power adapters
  • Launch the GUI

System Requirements

For a complete evaluation solution, all three boards must be purchased:

  • ADMX1002B

Other Requirements

  • PC running Windows 10 or newer
  • EVAL-ADMX100X-FMCZ board
  • ADMX1002B board
  • SDP-H1 board
  • Power adapters
  • ADMX100X Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • SDP Drivers


Evaluation Software

ADMX100X Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Evaluation software (GUI and scripting tool) is available to download.

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