ADP1872 Evaluation Board


This describes the evaluation board hardware for the ADP1872/ADP1873 PWM buck controllers. The evaluation boards can be used to evaluate the ADP1872 or ADP1873 and application circuits using these ICs without requiring any additional software.

The ADP1872/ADP1873 evaluation boards employ a power input voltage (VIN) that ranges between 2.75 V and 20 V and a bias supply voltage (VDD) that ranges between 2.75 V and 5.5 V. Both inputs can be tied together for application input voltage conditions equal to or less than 5.5 V. The evaluation boards are available in two fixed-output voltage options (VOUT = 1.8 V and VOUT = 3.3 V), as well as in a 300 kHz, 600 kHz, or 1 MHz switching frequency (test trimmed in production). The ADP1872/ADP1873 evaluation boards offer an output accuracy of 2% over the full temperature range and provide a high input voltage (VIN ± 10%) and a full-scale load current up to 15 A.

The ADP1872/ADP1873 are versatile current-mode, synchronous step-down controllers that provide superior transient response, optimal stability, and current limit protection by using a constant on-time, pseudo-fixed frequency with a programmable current-sense gain, current-control scheme. The ADP1873 is the power saving mode (PSM) version of the device and is capable of pulse skipping to maintain output regulation while achieving improved system efficiency at light loads. Both devices are available in a small, 10-lead MSOP package and can operate over the −40°C to +125°C temperature range.



ADP1872 Evaluation Board
モデル 概要 価格 RoHS PCN/製造中止案内 在庫確認/
ADP1872-0.3-EVALZ 製品状況: 製造中 Evaluation Board $ 60.00 Yes -
ADP1872-0.6-EVALZ 製品状況: 製造中 Evaluation Board $ 60.00 Yes -
ADP1872-1.0-EVALZ 製品状況: 製造中 Evaluation Board $ 60.00 Yes -

ここに表示されている価格は、1個あたりの価格です。米国内における販売価格(FOB)で表示されておりますので、予算のためにのみご使用いただけます。 また、その価格は変更されることがあります。米国以外のお客様への価格は、輸送費、各国の税金、手数料、為替レートにより決定されます。価格・納期等の詳細情報については、弊社正規販売代理店または担当営業にお問い合わせください。なお、 評価用ボードおよび評価用キットの表示価格は1個構成としての価格です。


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