AD7175-2:  24-Bit, 250 kSPS Sigma Delta ADC with 20μs Settling & True Rail to Rail Buffers

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The AD7175-2 is a low noise, fast settling, multiplexed, 2-/4- channel (fully/pseudo differential) Σ-Δ analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for low bandwidth inputs. It has a maximum channel scan rate of 50 kSPS (20 μs) for fully settled data. The output data rates range from 5 SPS to 250 kSPS.

The AD7175-2 integrates key analog and digital signal condition-ing blocks to allow users to configure an individual setup for each analog input channel in use. Each feature can be user selected on a per channel basis. Integrated true rail-to-rail buffers on the analog inputs and external reference inputs provide easy to drive high impedance inputs. The precision 2.5 V low drift (2 ppm/°C) band gap internal reference (with output reference buffer) adds embedded functionality to reduce external component count.

The digital filter allows simultaneous 50 Hz/60 Hz rejection at 27.27 SPS output data rate. The user can switch between different filter options according to the demands of each channel in the application. The ADC automatically switches through each selected channel. Further digital processing functions include offset and gain calibration registers, configurable on a per channel basis.

The device operates with a 5 V AVDD1, or ±2.5 V AVDD1/AVSS, and 2 V to 5 V AVDD2 and IOVDD supplies. The specified operating temperature range is −40°C to +105°C. The AD7175-2 is in a 24-lead TSSOP package. Note that, throughout this data sheet, the dual function pin names are referenced by the relevant function only.


  • Process control: PLC/DCS modules
    Temperature and pressure measurement
  • Medical and scientific multichannel instrumentation
  • Chromatography


  • Fast and flexible output rate: 5 SPS to 250 kSPS
  • Channel scan data rate of 50 kSPS/channel (20 μs settling)
  • Performance Specifications
    17.2 Noise Free Bits @ 250 kSPS
    20 Noise Free Bits @ 2.5 kSPS
    24 Noise Free Bits@ 20SPS
    INL: ±1 ppm of FSR
  • 85 dB rejection of 50 Hz and 60 Hz with 50 ms settling
  • User configurable input channels
    2 fully differential channels or 4 single-ended channels
    Crosspoint multiplexer
  • On-chip 2.5 V reference (±2 ppm/°C drift)
  • True rail-to-rail analog and reference input buffers
  • See data sheet for additional features

Functional Block Diagram for AD7175-2

Video: EVAL+ ADC Performance & Functional Evaluation without hardware

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Companion Products

Suggested Companion Products

Recommended Driver Amplifiers for the AD7175-2

  • For a single supply, low noise, low distortion, fully chopped, differential driver, we recommend the ADA4528-1 or ADA4528-2.
  • For a single supply, attenuating input stage, differential driver, we recommend the AD8475.
Recommended External Voltage References for the AD7175-2
  • For the family of low noise, low drift and high accuracy references, we recommend the ADR445 or the ADR4550.
Recommended Digital Isolators for the AD7175-2
  • For SPI Interface, lowest power, 2.5 kVrms isolation, we recommend the ADuM1401.
  • For SPI Interface, enhanced system-level ESD performance, 2.5 kVrms isolation, we recommend the ADuM3401.
  • For SPI Interface, low power, 5.0 kVrms isolation, we recommend the ADuM4401.
  • For SPI Interface, smallest package, low voltage I/O (1.8 V to 5.5 V), we recommend the ADuM3481.

Recommended External Multiplexers for the AD7175-2

  • For low Ron, 4:1 channel multiplexer, we recommend the ADG1404.
  • For low Ron with four differential inputs, we recommend the ADG1409.
  • For Fault Detection and Protection family with +/-55OV protection, we recommend the ADG5412F.
  • For additional multiplexer selections, we recommend selecting the product category and filtering on our parametric search tables.
Recommended Power Solutions for the AD7175-2
  • For a low noise positive LDO, For 5V systems we recommend the ADM7160, for 12V systems the ADP7118 and 24V systems the ADP7142.
  • For a low noise negative LDO, for 5V, 12V and 24V systems we recommend the ADP7182.
Recommended Power Solutions
  • For selecting voltage regulator products, use ADIsimPower.

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Model Package Pins Temp.
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AD7175-2BRUZ Status: Production 24 ld TSSOP 24 Ind Tube, 62 $12.68 $11.85 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase Sample
AD7175-2BRUZ-RL Status: Production 24 ld TSSOP 24 Ind Reel, 2500 - $11.85 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase
AD7175-2BRUZ-RL7 Status: Production 24 ld TSSOP 24 Ind Reel, 1000 - $11.85 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase
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AD7175-2 Evaluation Board
Model Description Price RoHS View PCN/ PDN Check Inventory/
EVAL-AD7175-2SDZ Status: Production Evaluation Board $89.00 Yes -
EVAL-SDP-CB1Z Status: Production Evaluation Controller Board $99.00 Yes -

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