• Easy Drive
    • Greatly reduced input kickback
      • Input current reduced to 0.5 μA/MSPS
    • Enhanced acquisition phase, ≥77% of cycle time at 1 MSPS
    • First conversion accurate, no latency or pipeline delay
    • Input span compression for single-supply operation
    • Fast conversion allows low SPI clock rates
    • Input overvoltage clamp protection sinks up to 50 mA
    • SPI-/QSPI-/MICROWIRE-/DSP-compatible serial interface
  • High performance
    • Differential analog input range: ±VREF, VREF from 2.4 V to 5.1 V
    • Throughput: 1.8 MSPS/1 MSPS/500 kSPS options
    • INL: ±3.1 ppm maximum
    • Guaranteed 20-bit, no missing codes
    • SNR: 100.5 dB at fIN = 1 kHz, VREF = 5 V
    • THD: −123 dB at fIN = 1 kHz, −100 dB at fIN = 100 kHz
    • SINAD: 89 dB at fIN = 900 kHz (see Figure 17 in the data sheet)
    • Oversampled dynamic range
      • 104 dB for OSR = 2
      • 131 dB for OSR = 1024
  • Low power
    • Single 1.8 V supply operation with 1.71 V to 5.5 V logic interface
    • 2.7 mW at 500 kSPS (VDD only)
    • 83 μW at 10 kSPS, 15 mW at 1.8 MSPS (total power)
  • 10-lead packages: 3 mm × 3 mm LFCSP, 3 mm × 4.90 mm MSOP
  • Guaranteed operation: −40°C to +125°C


The AD4021 is a high accuracy, high speed, low power, 20-bit, Easy Drive, precision successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital (ADC) that operates from a single power supply, VDD. The reference voltage, VREF, is applied externally and can be set independent of the supply voltage. The AD4021 power scales linearly with throughput.

Easy Drive features reduce both signal chain complexity and power consumption while enabling higher channel density. The reduced input current, particularly in high-Z mode, coupled with a long signal acquisition phase, eliminates the need for a dedicated ADC driver. Easy Drive broadens the range of companion circuitry that is capable of driving these ADCs (see Figure 2 in the data sheet).

Input span compression eliminates the need to provide a negative supply to the ADC driver amplifier while preserving access to the full ADC code range. The input overvoltage clamp protects the ADC inputs against overvoltage events, minimizing disturbances on the reference pin, and eliminating the need for external protection diodes. 

Fast device throughput up to 1 MSPS allows users to accurately capture high frequency signals and to implement oversampling techniques to alleviate the challenges associated with antialias filter designs. Decreased serial peripheral interface (SPI) clock rate requirements reduce digital input/output power consumption, broadens digital host options, and simplifies the task of sending data across digital isolation. The SPI-compatible serial user interface is compatible with 1.8 V, 2.5 V, 3 V, and 5 V logic by using the separate VIO logic supply.


  • Automatic test equipment
  • Machine automation
  • Medical equipment
  • Battery-powered equipment
  • Precision data acquisition systems
  • Instrumentation and control systems

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