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Multiple Supply Hot Swap Controller with I2C Compatible Monitoring

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Part Details
  • Allows Safe Insertion into Live CompactPCI or PCI Express Backplane
  • 8-Bit ADC Monitors Current and Voltage
  • I2C/SMBus Interface
  • dI/dt Controlled Soft Start
  • Simultaneous or Sequenced Turn-On
  • ±20V Absolute Maximum Rating for ±12V Supplies
  • No External Gate Capacitor Required
  • Dual-Level Circuit Breaker and Current Limit
  • Bus Precharge Output
  • Power Good Input with Timeout
  • Optional Latch-off or Autoretry After Faults
  • Alerts Host After Faults
  • Integrated LOCAL_PCI_RST# Logic
  • 36-Pin SSOP and 38-Pin (5mm × 7mm) QFN Packages
Additional Details
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The LTC4245 Hot Swap controller allows a board to be safely inserted and removed from a live backplane in multiple supply systems such as CompactPCI and PCI Express. Using four external N-channel pass transistors, the board supply voltages can be ramped up at an adjustable rate and in any desired sequence. An I2C interface and on-board ADC allow monitoring of board current, voltage and fault status for each supply.

The device features adjustable dI/dt controlled soft start and foldback limited inrush current. A dual-level timed circuit breaker and fast current limit protect each supply against overcurrent faults. A power good input with timeout allows a downstream supply monitor to disconnect the board supplies. The device can be configured to function without a –12V supply or with an extra 3.3V supply instead of a 5V supply.

The controller has additional features to interrupt the host when a fault has occurred, notify when output power is good, detect insertion of a load card and power-up in either the on or off state.


  • Live Board Insertion
  • CompactPCI, CompactPCI Express, CompactTCA, PCI Express Systems

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Software & Part Ecosystem

Software & Part Ecosystem

Evaluation Kit

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LTC4245 Demoboard: Quad Hot Swap Controller with ADC and I2C (Requires DC590)

Tools & Simulations

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Linduino is Analog Devices’ Arduino compatible system for developing and distributing firmware libraries and example code for our integrated circuits. Each Linduino-supported product includes an example main program, defined in the LTSketchbook/Part Number folder and driver code, defined in the LTSketchbook/libraries folder.

Linduino code repository on GitHub and instructions on how to use the code.

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DE-10 Nano Kit

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  • Analog Devices has worked closely with FPGA and processor manufacturers to develop verified power solutions that optimize cost, size and efficiency in high performance applications
  • Our reference designs are supported by an intuitive design tool set and IP
  • Our team can provide designs for quick prototypes that can speed time to market in the most complex applications
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