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Analog Devices offers a broad portfolio of high performance battery management IC devices including battery chargers, companion battery charge controllers, and battery backup managers.

Battery chargers are for both wireless and wired applications and may be used for any rechargeable battery chemistry. Companion battery charger controllers are used in conjunction with virtually any internally compensated switching regulator to form a complete battery charging solution. Battery backup managers enable battery charging and backup power from the battery to the system output in the event of a system power removal or outage.

Explore our battery management IC products and wide range of applications.

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CN0510: Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) for Batteries

The CN-0510 demonstrates how ADI's latest electrochemical and impedance technology can be used to measure the internal impedance of various types of battery chemistry including Lithium Ion. The impedance measurement results can be used in battery State of Health and State of Charge algorithms.