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Analog Devices has worked closely with Altera and Strategic Altera Partners to provide you with approved and tested solutions for your FPGA and CPLD based systems. Below you will find a host of useful tools that will allow you to select approved solutions for Altera.

SoC FPGA Development Boards

Analog Devices provides both power management and mixed signal solutions for the Altera & Arrow SoC FPGA Development Boards. See our boards, products, and resources for everything you need to build your Altera & Arrow solutions.

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Sequence 8 Power Rails on an Intel Arria ARM Cortex 20nm SoC FPGA

Analog Devices Guneet Chadha discusses how Power System Management (PSM) can sequence or turn on 8 power supplies in a pre-determined order on an Intel Arria ARM Cortex 20nm SoC FPGA.


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