Features & Benefits

  • Analog Devices has worked closely with FPGA and processor manufacturers to develop verified power solutions that optimize cost, size and efficiency in high performance applications
  • Our reference designs are supported by an intuitive design tool set and IP
  • Our team can provide designs for quick prototypes that can speed time to market in the most complex applications

Documentation & Resources

Circuit Description

The Altera® Cyclone® V GT FPGA Development Kit can be used to prototype Cyclone V GT FPGA or Cyclone V GX FPGA applications. It offers a quick and simple way to develop low-cost and low-power FPGA system-level designs and achieve rapid results. This kit supports a myriad of functionalities such as:

  • FPGA prototyping
  • FPGA power measurement
  • Transceiver I/O performance up to 5.0 Gbps
  • PCI Express® (PCIe®) Gen2 x4 (at 5.0 Gbps per lane)
  • Endpoint or rootport support