Circuits from the Lab

Circuits from the LabĀ® Reference Designs are commonly used as standalone solutions, or to build more complex circuits and subsystems.
Built and tested for function and performance by ADI's applications experts, they offer:
- Comprehensive documentation
- Complete design and integration files
- Factory-tested evaluation hardware
- Circuits from the Lab Reference Designs Disclaimer

Use Circuits from the LabĀ® in Your Next Design

Watch how two engineers use Analog Devices’ Circuits from the Lab to help solve their design challenge. From test data to hardware evaluation, to project integration, we make it easy to save time while lowering the risk in your circuit design.

Introduction to Reference Circuits

Hardware Enables…
  • Modular approach to system designs
  • Application ready software
  • Fast prototyping with FPGA and MCU

Design & Integration Files Support…
  • Schematic, layout, BOM downloads
  • Linux code for driver development
  • Simplified application integration

Documentation Provides…
  • Expert applications knowledge
  • Understanding of circuit capabilities
  • Tested and verified performance data

What makes Circuits from the Lab reference designs unique?

  • Address analog, RF, and mixed-signal design challenges by applying ADI's vast applications expertise.
  • Circuit designs are built and tested by the experts, to ensure both performance and function.
  • Low cost hardware allows for evaluation and rapid prototyping with several development platforms.
  • Thorough documentation and design files ease application understanding and minimize system integration issues.