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Digital Temperature Sensors

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Combining the proper tools, purpose-developed knowledge bases, and customizable solutions, Analog Devices’s precision technology signal chains enable easy adaptation. Each signal chain allows for simple tailoring to suit each unique application need.

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Signal Chains


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Digital temperature sensors are one of the easiest temperature sensors to use and have either an SPI or I²C interface. They are a complete plug and play solution that provides digital output with excellent accuracy and no signal conditioning required. Their main drawback is limited temperature range (−55°C to +155°C).

All digital temperature sensors contain an internal band gap reference, a temperature sensor, and a precision analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The output is a 16-bit temperature result with a resolution of 0.0078°C and an accuracy of up to ±0.25°C without the need for calibration after the printed circuit board (PCB) soldering process.

The newest addition to this family of digital temperature sensors is the ADT7422, which is a high accuracy ±0.1°C, digital I²C temperature sensor designed to meet the clinical thermometry specification of the ASTM E1112 standards when soldered onto the final PCB.

Temperature Measurement Theory and Practical Techniques

Temperature measurement design requires a thoughtful understanding of heat transfer theory, whether those measurements are of ambient temperature or within a PCB.

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Power dissipation chart for SOIC and MSOP packages

Accurate Digital Temperature Sensor Evaluation Platform

Analog Devices TempSense Evaluation Board

Quick and Easy Sensor Evaluation System

The EV-TempSense-ARDZ is a fully featured Arduino shield enabling easy evaluation of the functionality and performance of ADI’s precision digital temperature sensors.

Evaluation board view from Analog Devices ACE software

Multiple Software Development Platforms

Choice of Arduino, Mbed, or ACE development platforms for the ADT74xx/ADT73xx digital temperature sensors. The platforms include on-board ribbon cable connectors appropriate for I²C or SPI interfaces, as well as miniature remote sensor boards.

Demo board schematic from EVAL-ADT7422MBZ

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