Features and Benefits

  • STM32F469NIH6 Cortex-M4 microcontroller
    • Core performance up to 180 MHz
    • 384 kB of internal random access memory (RAM)
    • 2 MB flash memory
    • 16 MB synchronous dynamic ram (SDRAM)
      • Micron MT48LC4M32B2B5-6A XIT:L
  • Arduino Uno headers
  • 120-pin small foot print connector
    • Hirose FX8-120P-SV1
  • STM32F469NIH6 processor peripherals exposed: SPI, QSPI, I2C, GPIO, timers, UART
  • Supported in the Arm Mbed compiler

Product Details

This user guide describes the EVAL-SDP-CK1Z (SDP-K1) controller board from Analog Devices, Inc., and provides instructions on the setup of the SDP-K1 board to begin USB communication to a PC.

The SDP-K1 controller board is a part of the evaluation system for many Analog Devices components and reference circuits. The SDP-K1 is a part of the system demonstration platform (SDP), which consists of a series of controller boards, interposer boards, and daughter boards. SDP controller boards provide a means of communicating with the PC from the system under evaluation. Interposer boards route signals between two connectors. Daughter boards are a collection of product evaluation boards and Circuits from the Lab® (CFTL) reference circuit boards.

The SDP-K1 provides USB connectivity through a USB 2.0 high speed connection to the computer, allowing users to evaluate components on this platform from a PC application. The SDP-K1 is based on an STM32F469NIH6 Arm® Cortex®-M4 microcontroller with the peripheral communication lines available to the daughter board through a 120-pin small footprint connector and Arduino® Uno-compatible headers.

The SDP-K1 user guide provides instructions for installing the SDP-K1 hardware and software to a PC. The necessary installation files are provided with the evaluation daughter board package. The Getting Started section provides software and hardware installation procedures, PC system requirements, and basic board information. The Hardware section provides information on the SDP-K1 components.

Package Contents

Your EVAL-SDP-CK1Z board package contains the following:

  • EVAL-SDP-CK1Z board
  • 1 m USB Standard-A to Mini-B cable

Contact the vendor where you purchased your SDP-K1 board or contact Analog Devices if anything is missing.

Documentation & Resources


Evaluation Software

SDP USB Driver Installer
Windows 7, 8.x and 10 USB Driver for SDP Controller Boards
SDP-K1 is Mbed enabled. Here is the official Mbed web page for SDP-K1
Contact mbed@analog.com for any questions related to Mbed support from Analog Devices

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