Piezoelectric Accelerometers

Piezoelectric accelerometers take advantage of the piezoelectric effect to measure dynamic changes in real world stimuli such as acceleration, vibration, and mechanical shock. While the broad base of vibration sensing applications can be covered by MEMS technology, certain cases where high dyanmic range, wide bandwidth, or extreme temperatures are required will necessitate the use of a piezo-type accelerometer.

How Sensor Performance Enables Condition-Based Monitoring Solutions

Imbalance, misalignments, rolling element bearing defects, and gear tooth faults are just a few of the many fault types that can be detected and diagnosed with high performance vibration sensors.

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Diagram of envelope detection on ball bearing

Next-Generation Condition-Based Monitoring

Predicting and diagnosing a machine’s health before it becomes problematic requires insights that can only come from having accurate and reliable data. Discover how condition-based monitoring technologies can significantly improve uptime, productivity, and quality.

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