Vibration Sensing

Vibration sensing is a critical measurement modality and the key predictive variable used to monitor and detect potential issues within rotating equipment. Early in the life cycle these vibrations tend to be exceedingly small, so precision measurement is critical for early detection. Analog Devices offers a complete line of vibration sensing components and solutions that provide an exceptional combination of high accuracy and robustness for condition-based monitoring (CBM), predictive maintenance, and other vibration applications.

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MEMS Capacitive Accelerometers

MEMS sensors offer small size, low power consumption and truly exceptional frequency response from DC to ten kilohertz and beyond. As a result, MEMS sensors are rapidly becoming the go-to solution for the broad base of industrial machine monitoring applications.

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Piezoelectric Accelerometers Solutions

Historically, the most commonly used sensors for CBM are piezoelectric accelerometers due to their good linearity, exceptional dynamic range, high temperature operation, and wide bandwidths up to several hundred kHz. In specialized cases where MEMS sensors do not meet performance requirements, then piezo sensing technology is the choice for these systems.

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Signal Chains


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