DDR/QDR Memory Bus Termination

Analog Devices’ SRAM memory supplies and bus termination products are the ideal choice for DDR, QDR memory, SSTL logic, and HSTL interfaces for high speed FPGAs and processors, as well as other advanced portable microprocessor-based systems, that support high bandwidth applications such as PCIe, cloud-based systems, RAID, video processing, and networking. DDR and QDR memories require three voltage rails: bus supply voltage (VDD), bus termination voltage (VTT), and reference voltage (VREF). The bus termination voltage (VTT) and reference voltage (VREF) must track to ½ bus supply voltage (VDD), and the bus termination voltage (VTT) also requires a current sink and source function. Our portfolio of DDR/QDR memory bus termination products supports the powering needs of i.MX, PXA, ARM, OMAP, and other advanced microprocessors, offering voltage-mode and current-mode switching regulator topologies, very low input voltages, adjustable switching frequency operation, and ultra-thin packaging.
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